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The White Ranger
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Year/Event debuted

Superstar Clash 31 (January 22, 2009)

Championships earned

SCAW Zero-One Championship (3x)



Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver is a fictitious character from the universe of the American live action television franchise Power Rangers. He is a main character in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series, as well as four of its successive incarnations Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers Dino Thunder (where he returns as a legendary Power Ranger veteran). He also appeared in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode "Forever Red", the Power Rangers S.P.D. episode "Wormhole", and in the Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode "Legendary Battle". He has been portrayed by actor Jason David Frank in all of his appearances with the exception of the episode "Wormhole", where he appeared only in Ranger form and was voiced by actor Jeffrey Parazzo. He was also infrequently portrayed by actor Michael R. Gotto in instances where the story required depicting the character during childhood, such as in the series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.

According to the character's fictional history, Tommy is a legend among the Power Rangers community and is considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time, having been five different Power Rangers — the Green Ranger, the White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V–Red, the Red Turbo Ranger, and the Dino Thunder Black Ranger — and a part of four Ranger teams over the years. In addition, Tommy is a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts; during the first season of Power Rangers, he was referred to as having a third-degree black belt in karate. By Power Rangers Dino Thunder, he is a 6th degree black belt. ("Return of the Ranger", Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Collision Course DVD)



Championships Reign Date Event Notes
SCAW Zero-One Championship 1 February 27, 2009 Ascendance 2009 defeated The Joker, The Gladiator, Robin, Mr. Clean and Green Lantern in an Elimination Chamber match


Championships Reign Date Event Notes
SCAW Zero-One Championship 2 May 19, 2011 Superstar Clash 87 defeated Mr. Clean


Championships Reign Date Event Notes
SCAW Zero-One Championship 3 October 31, 2012 Blood, Sweat & Tears VI defeated Magneto, Dante, Jean-Luc Picard, Ryu Hayabusa and King in an Ultimate Zero-One match

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