To Hell And Back 2017


October 7, 2017


Oracle Arena


Oakland, CA

Theme Song

"Stars In Your Eyes" by Armor For Sleep


Spring Showdown 2017


Autumn Anarchy 2017

To Hell And Back 2017 is the 67th CPV produced by SCAW. It is the fifth in the chronology since 2011. It aired from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California on October 7, 2017. 

Eight matches took place (one on the preshow). Superman and Shazam wrestled for the SCAW Championship in the main event.




Jill Valentine pinned Harley Quinn after the Jill Jack.

Preliminary matches

Hellboy & Edward Elric defeated King & Kenshin Himura to win the SCAW Tag Team Championship. Elric pinned Kenshin with a school rollup.

Tommy Vercetti pinned William Wallace after the Dirt Nap.

Ichigo Kurosaki defeated The Prince of Persia in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match to retain the SCAW Legends Championship. Ichigo made Prince of Persia tap out to the Walls of Ichigo to win the 1st fall. Prince of Persia pinned Ichigo after the Greetings From Persia to win the 2nd fall. Ichigo pinned Prince of Persia after the Soul Reaper to win the 3rd fall and the match. After the match, Ichigo got attacked by both Prince of Persia and Drax the Destroyer.

Magneto say insulting words regarding Doctor Strange but Doctor Strange came out and made his SCAW debut. Doctor Strange and Magneto say words to one another until the lights went out and the lights came back as Doctor Strange nails Magneto with a steel chair. Doctor Strange then hits a Arm Trapped Sitout Powerbomb onto Magneto as Doctor Strange poses to the crowd and heads backstage.

Thor pinned Dante after using his hammer onto the midsection to win the Hell In A Cell Match.

A promo of SCAW Superstar Clash's 200th Episode were shown during the event.

Brian Urlacher pinned Anakin after the Jackhammer.

Chun-Li pinned Shampoo after the Trouble in China to retain the SCAW Women's Championship. Both women uses a steel chair during the match.

The Celestials, composed of the Internet champion Jin Kazama as well as Robin and Albert Wesker, brag about injuring Deadpool.

Main event

Superman made Shazam submit to the Kryptonian Death Lock to retain the SCAW Championship. Batman attacked Shazam and confronted Superman, hinting at a possible one-on-one rematch for Superman's title.


# Match Stipulations
1P Jill Valentine defeated Harley Quinn Singles Match
2 Hellboy & Edward Elric defeated King & Kenshin Himura (c) Tag Team Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
3 Tommy Vercetti defeated William Wallace Singles Match
4 Ichigo Kurosaki (c) defeated The Prince of Persia 2 Out of 3 Falls Match for the SCAW Legends Championship
5 Thor defeated Dante Hell In A Cell Match
6 Brian Urlacher defeated Anakin Singles Match
7 Chun-Li (c) defeated Shampoo Singles Match for the SCAW Women's Championship
8 Superman (c) defeated Shazam Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P - indicates the match was on the Preshow

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