Great American Smash 2K14
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August 16, 2014


U.S. Bank Arena


Cincinnati, OH



Theme Song

"Break Through the Silence" by Monty Are I


Spring Showdown 2014


Summer Brawl 2014

The Great American Smash 2014 is the 49th cpv produced by SCAW. It is the fifth in the chronology. It took place on August 16, 2014 at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nine matches were scheduled (one was in the Preshow and one was added at the event). The Gladiator and the returning Captain America wrestled in the main event.



Albert Wesker demanded a match so Guile put him in one. Wesker pinned Jean-Luc Picard after the Turning Evil.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Thor pinned Ichigo Kurosaki after the Mjolnir from a ladder through a table to retain the SCAW Hardcore Championship.

Guile granted Magneto's request for a match.

King & Kenshin Himura defeated Red Hood & Captain Marvel in a tag team match. King pinned Red Hood after the Tek Buster.

Brian Urlacher pinned Magneto after the Chicago Style Jackhammer.

Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow defeated Superman & Liu Kang in a tag team match. Mr. Clean pinned Superman after the Cleaning Press.

LeBron James and Burger King's partnership ended.

Rayne pinned Avril Lavigne after the Rayne Down to win a Steel Cage Match and retain the SCAW Women's Championship.

Ghost Rider & Dante defeated Spider-Man & Homer Simpson to win the SCAW Tag Team Championship. Dante pinned Homer after a running Spear.

Main eventEdit

Edward Elric pinned The Green Lantern after the mid-air Sudden Alchemy to retain the SCAW Championship. They shook hands as a sign of respect.

Captain America made The Gladiator submit to the Ankle Lock.


# Result Stipulation
1P Albert Wesker defeated Jean-Luc Picard Singles Match
2 Thor (c) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki Hardcore Match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship
3 King & Kenshin Himura defeated Red Hood & Captain Marvel Tag Team Match
4 Brian Urlacher defeated Magneto Singles Match
5 Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow defeated Superman & Liu Kang Tag Team Match
6 Rayne (c) defeated Avril Lavigne Steel Cage Match for the SCAW Women's Championship
7 Ghost Rider & Dante defeated Spider-Man & Homer Simpson (c) Tag Team Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
8 Edward Elric (c) defeated The Green Lantern Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
9 Captain America defeated The Gladiator Singles Match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P - indicates the match was in the Preshow


RC99 - SCAW Great American Smash 2014 Highlights04:05

RC99 - SCAW Great American Smash 2014 Highlights

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