Aired after E-Extravaganza 2009 to consider with that year's Super Bowl.

Five matches were scheduled. Homer Simpson and Guile wrestled for the SCAW Championship at the main event.

SCAW Championship
Homer Simpson (c) vs. Guile

Captain America vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

SCAW Internet Championship
Iron-Man (c) vs. Ghost Rider

Shaq & XXX vs. Holywood & Prince of Persia

Spider-Man on Mr. T's Talkin' Tough And More...

# Results Stipulations
1 Captain America defeated Ichigo Kurosaki by disqualification Singles Match
2 The Prince of Persia, David Beckham & Kobe Bryant defeated xXx (Vin Diesel & Ice Cube) & Shaquille O'Neal Six Man Tag Team Match
3 Iron Man (c) defeated Ghost Rider Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
4 The White Ranger defeated Jimmy King Singles Match
5 Homer Simpson (c) defeated Guile Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
6 Homer Simpson (c) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
  • 5 - Santa Claus attacked both men after the match.
  • 6 - Ichigo cashed in his Money in the Bank shot, but lost due to Inuyasha distracting him.

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