Ep. Date Matches
203 February 19 Captain America has Challenged Thor to face him on Superstar Clash 203.

Also, Edward Elric & Hellboy will get their rematch for The SCAW Tag Team Championship.


Ep. Date Matches
204 March 4 Confirmed For Superstar Clash 204:

Avril Lavigne vs Amy Lee in a Submission Match

Spider-Man vs Drax

80s Express in Action

And More

205 March 19 What to expect on the show:

Captain America & Guile vs Thor & Iron-Man

Jin Kazama, Robin & Albert Wesker vs Deadpool, Snake & King

Liu Kang vs Kenshin for The SCAW Zero-One Championship

Casey Jones vs Red Hood in a Final Battle with Only The Winner being allow to Enter The Match of Destiny.

William Wallace vs Tommy Vercetti in a Chairs Match

and More...

  • SCAW Zero-One Championship - Kenshin defeated Liu Kang (champion)
  • Six Man Tag Team Match - The Celestials (Jin Kazama, Robin & Albert Wesker) defeated Deadpool, Solid Snake & King
  • Chairs Match - William Wallace defeated Tommy Vercetti
    • Angry Video Game Nerd attacks Wallace post-match.
  • Lara Croft defeated Danica Patrick
  • Winner goes to the Match of Destiny - Casey Jones defeated Red Hood
    • Shazam attacked Jones. The Green Lantern made them wrestle each other with the same stipulations as the previous match.
  • Winner goes to the Match of Destiny - Casey Jones defeated Shazam
  • Thor & Iron Man defeated Captain America & Guile
    • Iron Man hits 3 Stream Rollers onto Thor after the match.


Ep. Date Matches
206 April 21 Bruce Wayne will appear on Superstar Clash 206, The CEO of SCAW will be making a Ground Breaking Announcement. Make sure not to miss this.

William Wallace's First Hardcore Title Defense will take Place on Superstar Clash 206 in a 5 Man Championship Scramble Match.


Kenshin vs King For The SCAW Zero-One Championship

Thor vs Iron-Man, If Iron-Man Wins, he gets a shot at the SCAW Championship.

Spider-Man & Homer Simpson vs Prince of Persia & Drax

and more...

  • Scramble Match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship - William Wallace (champion) defeated Angry Video Game Nerd, Deadpool, Jin Kazama, and Gambit
  • Spider-Man & Homer Simpson defeated Prince of Persia & Drax
    • Drax argued with Prince and then left the ring after the match.
  • Zero-One Championship - King defeated Kenshin (champion)
    • King won by Submission but The Green Lantern restarted the match after replay showed Kenshin had his hand on the ropes.
  • Zero-One Championship - Kenshin (champion) defeated King
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Cole MacGrath
  • Lara Croft defeated Melinda May
  • Non-Title Match - Thor (SCAW champion) defeated Iron Man
    • Captain America attack Thor.


Ep. Date Matches
207 May 11 The aftermath of Clash 206, and Dante's attacking of Bruce Wayne.

3 Championships on The Line. Plus Two other Champions team up in a Tag Team Match.

Also, 2 Former CTS Winners in a NoDQ Match, The Clash debut of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and more...

  • SCAW Championship - Thor (champion) defeated Captain America
    • After the match, Brian Urlacher applauds Thor's victory on the stage.
  • Tommy Vercetti & Gambit defeated Ichigo Kurosaki & William Wallace
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo defeated Piccolo
  • No Disqualification Match - Shazam defeated Casey Jones
  • Tag Team Championship - Robin & Albert Wesker (champions) defeated Solid Snake & Ryu Hayabusa
    • After the match, The 80s Express (He-Man & Optimus Prime) came out and told The Celestials that they will become champions once again.
  • SCAW Women's Championship - Amy Lee (champion) vs. Chun-Li ended in No Contest
    • Avril Lavigne attack both Amy and Chun-Li with a steel chair. Then Avril sends Amy Lee through the commentary table.
208 May 29 Look for The Next Superstar Clash during Memorial Day Weekend.

Tommy Vercetti vs Edward Elric

A #1 Contenders Match For The Tag Team Championship

Brian Urlacher vs Red Hood

And More...

  • Brian Urlacher defeated Red Hood
    • After the match, SCAW Champion Thor came out and both champion and challenge sending intense words to one another until the two brawled each other but Thor hitting the Mjolnir on Urlacher. Thor leaves the ring and heads backstage until Urlacher got back up as the two behemoths stare down intensely to each other.
  • Jin Kazama defeated Mr. Clean
  • The 80's Express defeated King & Kenshin Himura
  • Non-Title Match - Deadpool (Internet champion) vs. Robin ended in a Double Countout
    • Albert Wesker attacked Deadpool after the match.
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo defeated Drax the Destroyer
    • The Prince of Persia attacked Drax post-match.
  • Jill Valentine defeated Shampoo
    • Ukyo Kuonji and Shampoo assaulted Valentine with a steel chair post-match.
  • Edward Elric defeated Tommy Vercetti
    • If Edward Elric wins, the SCAW Legends Championship match @ The Great American Smash will be a Triple Threat Match. After the match, Vercetti beat the living hell out of Edward due to frustration until SCAW Legends Champion Ichigo Kurosaki came out as he and Vercetti brawled in the ring. SCAW General Manager The Green Lantern announces that the Legends Title Match will now be a Fatal 4-Way Match and the fourth participant is revealed as a returning Hellboy! Hellboy and Ichigo stare at each other until Vercetti try to attack Hellboy from behind but Hellboy retaliated and hit the Doomstone on Vercett. Hellboy celebrates in the ring as the show came to a hellacious ending.


Ep. Date Matches
209 June 21 Superstar Clash 209 will be The Final Clash on WWE '13.


Brian Urlacher vs Iron-Man

The Celestials vs The 80's Express & Deadpool

Jill Valentine vs Ukyo Kuonji

Hellboy vs Tommy Vercetti

AVGN vs Jack Sparrow

and More...

  • Six Man Tag Team Match - The Celestials defeated The 80's Express & Deadpool
  • Jill Valentine vs. Ukyo Kuonji was no contest
    • Melinda May attacked them both as well as Shampoo who tried to help Ukyo.
  • The Prince of Persia defeated Doctor Strange
    • Drax attacked The Prince afterwards.
  • Guile & Captain America defeated Solid Snake & Ryu Hayabusa
  • Hellboy vs Tommy Vercetti was no contest
    • Edward Elric hit Vercetti with a Sudden Alchemy before the match even began. Ichigo Kurosaki then "applauded" Hellboy.
  • Jack Sparrow defeated AVGN
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Iron-Man
    • Thor attacked Urlacher afterward.


Ep. Date Location Matches
210 September 1 Atlanta, Georgia An 8 Man Elimination TAg Match, A Zero-One Title Match, The returns of Dante and Superman, Edward Elric disrespecting the business, and a main event featuring The SCAW Champion against The 2017 CTS Winner.

And much much more.

  • 8-Man Elimination Tag Team match - The Prince of Persia, Shazam, Tommy Vercetti & Archie Andrews defeated King, Solid Snake, Iron Man & Hellboy
  • Aquaman defeated Kazuma Kuwabara
  • Zero-One Championship - Ryu Hayabusa defeated Kenshin Himura (champion)
  • Lara Croft defeated Harley Quinn
    • These two as well as Chun-Li and Jill Valentine will be in a Fatal Four-Way match at Ascendance 2018 where the winner gets a Women's Championship shot at Blood, Sweat & Tears X. Chun-Li and Jill confront each other backstage.
  • Non Title match - Brian Urlacher (SCAW champion) defeated Darth Maul
    • Thor confronted Urlacher.