# Date Results
192 February 12 Confirmed:

Thor vs Albert Wesker

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Ryu Hayabusa

Tommy Vercetti will defend The Hardcore Championship

Jack Sparrow vs Mr. Clean

Chun-Li & Lara Croft vs Jill Valentine & May

and more.

193 March 20 Confirmed For The Next Superstar Clash:

Edward Elric will face SCAW Champion Shazam

Snake will face Jin Kazama in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match with Both The Internet & Zero-One Championships on the Line.

Guile vs He-Man

Deadpool vs Magneto

More Participants of The Winterslam Hydra Gauntlet Match will be revealed.

An appearance by The Green Lantern.

and More...

194 April 7 .Will we find out the final participant in the Hyrda Gauntlet Match?

SCAW Champion Shazam would sure like to know, but he has a big problem to deal with as he will be going one on one with Hellboy!!

Plus The following Matches are also Confirmed for The Show:

AVGN vs Dante

Kenshin vs The Prince of Persia

and more...

  • Non-Title Match - Ichigo Kurosaki (Legends Champion) defeated Mr. Clean
  • Kenshin Himura defeated The Prince of Persia by count out
    • Drax the Destroyer attacked King backstage
  • Spider-Man defeated Ghost Rider
  • Non-Title Match - AVGN (Hardcore Champion) defeated Dante
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Michael Myers
    • Anakin attacked Urlacher but was fought back.
  • Non-Title Match - Shazam (SCAW Champion) defeated Hellboy by disqualification
    • Hellboy hit Shazam with a steel chair. The participants of the Hydra Gauntlet attacked each other. Bruce Wayne announced that the final participant is Batman.
195 May 20 Matches confirmed For The Next Superstar Clash:

The Joker vs Tommy Vercetti

Deadpool vs Jin Kazama

Ichigo Kurosaki & Ryu Hayabusa vs The Prince of Persia & Drax

Chun-Li vs Jill Valentine

AVGN vs Casey Jones for The SCAW Hardcore Championship

Plus The Fallout from Winterslam.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki & Ryu Hayabusa defeated The Prince of Persia & Drax the Destroyer
  • Hardcore Championship - AVGN (c) defeated Casey Jones
    • Red Hood attacked Casey Jones after the match.
  • The Joker vs. Tommy Vercetti was No Contest
    • Inuyasha came out and attack The Joker until Joker attack back. Joker then ran to the back as Inuyasha ran after him.
  • Non-Title Match - Chun Li (Women's Champion) defeated Jill Valentine
  • Albert Wesker defeated Cole MacGrath
  • Internet Championship - Deadpool defeated Jin Kazama
    • Solid Snake was stripped of his titles due to injury so the new general manager Green Lantern put the Internet title on the line. The vacant Zero-One Title will be contested in an Ultimate Zero-One Match at Spring Showdown 2017.
196 June 1 Matches Confirmed for Superstar Clash 196:

Batman vs Red Hood

Prince of Persia vs Ryu Hayabusa

Spider-Man vs AVGN

Deadpool vs Magneto

Chun-Li vs Lara Croft

King & Kenshin vs Hellboy & Edward Elric

and more...

  • Non-Title Match - Kenshin & King (Tag Team Champions) defeated Hellboy & Edward Elric
  • The Prince of Persia defeated Ryu Hayabusa
  • Non-Title Match - Lara Croft defeated Chun-Li (Women's Champion)
    • Shampoo and Ukyo attacked them both.
  • Non-Title Match - Spider-Man defeated AVGN (Hardcore Champion)
    • Tommy Vercetti mockingly applauded Spider-Man.
  • Non-Title Match - Deadpool (Internet Champion) defeated Magneto
    • Inuyasha attacked Magneto.
  • Non-Title Match - Batman (SCAW Champion) defeated Red Hood
    • Shazam attacked Batman.
197 July 16 Confirmed for the show:

Liu Kang vs Yusuke Urameshi vs Mr. Clean in a #1 Contender's Match for The SCAW Zero-One Championship

Hellboy vs King

Edward Elric vs Kenshin

Thor & Ichigo Kurosaki vs Dante & The Prince of Persia

AVGN vs Red Hood for The SCAW Hardcore Championship

and more...

  • King defeated Hellboy
  • Hardcore Championship - AVGN (c) defeated Red Hood
    • Casey Jones attack Red Hood.
  • Triple Threat Zero-One championship #1 Contender's Match - Liu Kang defeated Mr. Clean and Yusuke Urameshi
  • Dante & The Prince of Persia (with Drax the Destroyer) defeated Thor & Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Edward Elric defeated Kenshin Himura
    • Albert Wesker attacked Elric. Inuyasha attacked him, in turn.
  • Cole MacGrath vs. Anakin was no contest
    • Brian Urlacher attacked Anakin.
198 August 23 Matches Confirmed For Superstar Clash 198:

SCAW Tag Team Championship: King & Kenshin (c) vs Liu Kang & Casey Jones

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Drax

Harley Quinn vs Danica Patrick

and More...

  • SCAW Tag Team Championship - King & Kenshin (c) defeated Liu Kang & Casey Jones
  • Harley Quinn defeated Danica Patrick
    • Jill Valentine attacked Harley.
  • Non-Title Match - Ichigo Kurosaki (Legends Champion) defeated Drax
    • The Prince of Persia confronted Ichigo.
  • Non-Title Match - Ryu Hayabusa (Zero-One Champion) defeated Yusuke Urameshi
  • Shazam & Dante defeated Superman & Thor
199 September 7
  • Hellboy & Edward Elric defeated Liu Kang & Casey Jones
  • Non-Title Match - Shazam defeated Ichigo Kurosaki (Legends Champion)
    • The Prince of Persia and Drax distracted Ichigo.
  • Shampoo defeated Lara Croft
  • Non-Title Match - Anakin defeated AVGN (Hardcore Champion)
    • Brian Urlacher attacked them both.
  • Internet Championship - Jin Kazama (c) vs. Deadpool was no contest
    • Jin, Robin & Albert Wesker attacked Deadpool.
  • Non-Title Match - Superman (SCAW champion) defeated The Prince of Persia
    • Shazam attacked Superman.
200 November 3 These matches are confirmed for Clash 200:

Triple Threat Elimination Match For The SCAW Championship: Superman (C) vs Thor vs Batman

SCAW Tag Team Championship: Edward Elric & Hellboy (C) vs King & Kenshin

Prince of Persia & Drax vs Ichigo Kurosaki & a partner of his choosing.

Steel Cage Match: Avril Lavigne vs Amy Lee

SCAW Hardcore Championship: AVGN vs A Mystery Opponent

And More To Be Announced.

  • Tag Team Championship - Edward Elric & Hellboy (c) defeated King & Kenshin
  • Hardcore Championship - AVGN (c) defeated Doctor Doom
  • Ichigo Kurosaki & Spider-Man defeated Prince of Persia & Drax
  • Six Man Tag Team match - Albert Wesker, Robin & Jin Kazama defeated The NoDQ World Order (Jack Sparrow, Michael Myers & Mr. Clean)
    • Solid Snake attacked Jin.
  • Steel Cage Match - Avril Lavigne defeated Amy Lee
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Yusuke Urameshi
  • Shazam defeated Casey Jones
  • Triple Threat Elimination Match for the SCAW Championship - Thor defeated Superman (c) and Batman
201 November 24
  • No Disqualification Match - Tommy Vercetti defeated William Wallace
  • Non-Title Match - Chun-Li (Women's champion) defeated Rayne
    • Avril Lavigne challenged Chun-Li.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Yusuke Urameshi
  • Captain America defeated Kenshin
  • Doctor Strange defeated Magneto
  • SCAW Championship - Thor (c) defeated Shazam
    • Superman confronted Thor.
202 December 17 Confirmed For Superstar Clash 202:

Superman vs Dante

SCAW Internet Championship: Jin Kazama (C) vs Snake

Guile vs King

Ryu Hayabusa vs Casey Jones

Dr. Strange vs Piccolo

and more...

  • Superman defeated Dante by count out
    • Batman attacked Dante.
  • Guile defeated King
  • Non-Title Match - Ryu Hayabusa (Zero-One Champion) defeated Casey Jones
    • Liu Kang applauded Ryu Hayabusa. This was an unseen piece of footage that was only shown on Autumn Anarchy 2017.
  • Harley Quinn defeated Melinda May
  • Doctor Strange defeated Piccolo
  • Internet Championship - Solid Snake defeated Jin Kazama (c) by Disqualification
    • Jin hit Snake with the title belt. Jin, Albert Wesker, and Robin attacked him as Hellboy and Edward Elric came in for the save.
  • Iron Man defeated Yusuke Urameshi