Ep. Date Results
136  February 28 Blood, Sweat & Tears TLC Rematch

SCAW Internet Championship: King (C) vs InuYasha

Number 1 Contender to The SCAW Zero-One Championship: Liu Kang vs Jean-Luc Picard


Ep. Date Matches
137  March 12 Matches confirmed for Superstar Clash 137:

Edward Elric, Santa Claus & Hellboy vs Ichigo Kurosaki, The Gladiator & Harry Potter

Homer Simpson vs M. Bison

Thor vs Dr. Doom

SCAW Women's Championship: Avril Lavigne (C) vs Rayne

Brian Urlacher vs Ivan Drago

138  March 24 Confirmed for Superstar Clash 138:

SCAW Zero-One Championship: Dante (C) vs Liu Kang

NoDQ Match: Thor vs Red Hood

Spider-Man vs Magneto

and in the Main Event it will be Superman vs Dr. Doom

  • Jin Kazama defeated Kuwabara
    • Mr. Clean and Jack Sparrow attacked them both.
  • NoDQ Match - Red Hood defeated Thor
  • SCAW Zero-One Championship - Liu Kang defeated Dante (champion)
    • Jean-Luc Picard and The White Ranger congratulated Liu Kang.
  • Spider-Man defeated Magneto
    • Homer Simpson came to Spider-Man's aid when he was attacked by The Kings Of CAW.
  • Chun-Li defeated Danica Patrick
  • Non Title Match - Superman (Legends Champion) defeated Doctor Doom
    • Ghost Rider attacked Superman.


Ep. Date Matches
139  April 7 Main Event for Superstar Clash 139 is Superman & Green Lantern vs Ghost Rider Dante.

Also confirmed for Superstar Clash 139 is a NoDQ Match between Rayne and Lara Croft.

Brian Urlacher will look to improve his record to 9-0.

Also, there's going to be a cage above the ring during the show, for some reason.

140 April 25
  • SCAW Championship #1 contender Battle Royal - King defeated Homer Simpson, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Robin and Iron Man
  • Ichigo Kurosaki & The Gladiator defeated Inuyasha & Hellboy
  • SCAW Hardcore Championship - Doctor Doom defeated Jean-Luc Picard (champion)
  • Zero-One Championship - Liu Kang (champion) defeated Gambit
  • Brian Urlacher defeated M. Bison
  • SCAW Championship - Edward Elric (champion) defeated King


Ep. Date Matches
141  May 3
  • Tag Team Championship - Homer Simpson & Spider-Man (champions) defeated LeBron James & Burger King
  • Magneto defeated The White Ranger
    • Albert Wesker attacked White Ranger.
  • Captain Marvel vs. He-Man ended in double count out.
  • Jack Sparrow defeated Jin Kazama
    • Sparrow and Mr. Clean attacked Jin.
  • The Prince of Persia defeated Inuyasha
    • Prince's original opponent Hellboy was attacked backstage.
  • Iron Man defeated Robin by disqualification
    • Thor saved Iron Man from Robin and Red Hood.
142 May 13 Superstar Clash 142 will feature a Women's Title Match, plus Legends Champion Superman, Optimus Prime, and Brian Urlacher will all be in action.

And The Main Event will see SCAW Champion Edward Elric team with Internet Champion King to face The Gladiator and Ichigo Kurosaki.

  • Non Title Match - Superman (Legends Champion) defeated M. Bison
    • Chuck Norris confronted Superman.
  • Optimus Prime defeated Kuwabara
  • Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship - Rayne defeated Avril Lavigne (champion) and Lara Croft
    • Jill Valentine, Melinda May, and Ukyo Kuonji attacked Rayne.
  • Dante defeated Homer Simpson by disqualification
    • Spider-Man tried to help Homer but Dante and Ghost Rider attacked him.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Silent Bob
  • Edward Elric & King defeated Ichigo Kurosaki & The Gladiator (with The Prince of Persia)
    • Hellboy came out to make sure that the Prince of Persia didn't interfere. Then they brawled backstage.
143 May 24 The Prince of Persia vs Hellboy

Steel Cage Match: Robin vs Iron-Man

Thor vs Red Hood

and more....

  • Steel Cage Match - Robin defeated Iron Man
  • Ghost Rider & Dante defeated Jean-Luc Picard & The White Ranger
  • Non Title Match - King (Internet Champion) defeated Piccolo
    • The Gladiator attacked King.
  • Triple Threat Match for the Hardcore Championship - Doctor Doom (champion) defeated Red Hood and Thor
    • Supposed to be Red Hood vs. Thor, but Guile added Dr. Doom into the match.
  • The Prince of Persia vs. Hellboy was no contest
    • Ichigo Kurosaki and Edward Elric got involved so it was turned into a tag match
  • The Prince of Persia & Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Hellboy & Edward Elric


Ep. Date Matches
144  June 21 Green Lantern vs Ichigo Kurosaki

Spider-Man vs Dante

Dr. Doom vs Thor for The SCAW Hardcore Championship

Optimus Prime vs M. Bison

Brian Urlacher in action

and Kenshin will make his long awaited first appearance.

  • The Green Lantern defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Hardcore Championship - Thor defeated Doctor Doom (champion)
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Piccolo
  • Optimus Prime defeated M. Bison
  • Spider-Man vs. Dante ended in a double count out
    • Ghost Rider lay out Homer Simpson backstage.


Ep. Date Matches
145 July 3 Rematch of last week's match between Spider-man and Dante

A superstar will be randomly chosen to fight Kenshin in his debut match.

a 3 on 3 Elimination Tag Match: Rayne, Avril Lavigne & Lara Croft vs Jill Valentine, Melinda May & Ukyo Kuonji

SCAW Champion Edward Elric in action.

and more.

  • Dante defeated Spider-Man
  • 3 on 3 Elimination Tag Match - Jill Valentine, Melinda May & Ukyo Kuonji defeated Rayne, Avril Lavigne & Lara Croft
    • Rayne walked away during the match.
  • Doctor Doom defeated Kenshin Himura
  • Non Title Match - Edward Elric (SCAW Champion) defeated Liu Kang (Zero-One Champion)
    • The Green Lantern applauded Elric.
  • Robin defeated Magneto
  • Non Title Match - Superman (Legends Champion) defeated Mr. Clean by disqualification
    • Mr. Clean and Jack Sparrow nailed multiple chair shots onto Superman.
146  July 17
  • The Green Lantern defeated Gambit
    • Edward Elric applauded Green Lantern.
  • Captain Marvel defeated Kenshin Himura
  • Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow defeated Jean-Luc Picard & The White Ranger
    • Sparrow & Mr. Clean attacked Picard & White Ranger with steel chairs.
  • NoDQ Match - Homer Simpson defeated Ghost Rider
  • The Gladiator defeated Iron Man
147 July 31 Thor & Iron-Man vs Gladiator & Ichigo Kurosaki

King vs Red Hood

Liu Kang will face wither Mr. Clean or Jack Sparrow

Edward Elric and Green Lantern will both be in action.

  • Non Title Match - Edward Elric (SCAW Champion) defeated Magneto
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Burger King
  • Non Title Match - Liu Kang (Zero-One Champion) defeated Jack Sparrow
    • Superman saved Liu Kang fromMr. Clean and Sparrow's assault with a chair.
  • Non Title Match - King (Internet Champion) defeated Red Hood by disqualification
    • Captain Marvel lay out King via Marvelosity.
  • The Green Lantern defeated M. Bison
  • The Gladiator & Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Iron Man & Thor


Ep. Date Matches
148  August 26 At The Great American Smash, Captain America made his triumphant return and defeated The Gladiator. We will hear from him on Superstar Clash 148. What will he have to say?

The Great American Smash crowned new tag team Champions in Ghost Rider and Dante, but word si their celebrations may not last long as they may be defending the titles in the show_s Main Event!!

Also scheduled is Captain Marvel challenging King for The SCAW Internet Championship, and Kenshin vs Red Hood. And much more...

  • Internet Championship - King (champion) defeated Captain Marvel
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Kenshin Himura
    • Urlacher replaced Kenshin's no-show opponent Red Hood.
  • Optimus Prime defeated Magneto
  • Hellboy defeated Kuwabara
    • Inuyasha confronted Hellboy.
  • He-Man defeated M. Bison
  • Albert Wesker defeated The White Ranger
  • Tag Team Championship - Ghost Rider & Dante (champions) vs. Edward Elric & The Green Lantern was no contest
    • Green Lantern and the tag champs assaulted Elric. Spider-Man & Homer Simpson came to the rescue.


Ep. Date Matches
149  September 6 Will we get a response from Green Lantern for his actions on Superstar Clash 148?

Matches Confirmed:

Spider-Man vs Ghost Rider

Homer Simpson vs Dante

Mr. Clean vs Liu Kang

Lara Croft will face one of the members of B-3

Kenshin vs Red Hood

  • Robin defeated Kenshin Himura
    • Robin replaced Red Hood, who no-shows for a second week in a row.
  • Lara Croft defeated Melinda May
    • Ukyo Kuonji assault Lara.
  • Homer Simpson defeated Dante
  • Iron Man & Thor defeated Burger King & Piccolo
  • Non Title Match - Mr. Clean (with Jack Sparrow) defeated Liu Kang (Zero-One Champion) (with Superman)
  • Spider-Man defeated Ghost Rider
150 September 18 Captain America vs Ichigo Kurosaki

Lara Croft vs Ukyo Kuonji

SCAW Champion Edward Elric, Spider-Man, Homer Simpson, Ghost Rider and Dante all scheduled to be in action.

  • Spider-Man & Homer Simpson defeated M. Bison & Magneto
  • Lara Croft defeated Ukyo Kuonji
  • Non Title Match - Dante defeated Liu Kang (Zero-One Champion)
  • Ghost Rider defeated Robin
  • Anakin defeated Kenshin Himura
  • Non Title Match - Edward Elric (SCAW Champion) defeated Mr. Clean
  • Captain America defeated Ichigo Kurosaki by disqualification
    • The Gladiator & Ichigo attacked Captain America.


Ep. Date Matches
151  October 14 The fallout from Summer Brawl:

Green Lantern failed to show for the Main Event of Summer Brawl, but chose to show up afterward to attack Edward Elric. What was more shocking was what seems to be a transformation? Green No More it would seem. What will happen on Superstar Clash 151 as he is scheduled to address the fans...

Matches have been confirmed for Superstar Clash 151:

In a rematch from Summer Brawl, Superman & Liu Kang will face Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow

After Guile had made Thor and Iron-Man face each other for the Hardcore Championship, he has decided to have them team up to ensure they remain allies, or give someone a chance to stab the other in the back. what could happen?

Also Brian Urlacher goes for 19-0.

and more...

  • Captain America defeated Kuwabara
  • Thor & Iron Man defeated M. Bison & Doctor Doom
  • Albert Wesker defeated Kenshin Himura
    • Ichigo Kurosaki celebrated with Wesker.
  • Women's Championship - Amy Lee defeated Rayne (champion)
    • B3 assaulted Amy Lee.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Magneto by count out
  • Superman & Jin Kazama defeated Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow
    • Jin replaced Liu Kang after he was laid out in the back.
152  October 19 As announced on Action 29, Thor and Iron-Man will challenge Ghost Rider and Dante on Superstar Clash 152 for The SCAW Tag Team Championship.

  • Captain America defeated M. Bison
  • Inuyasha defeated Kenshin Himura
    • Red Hood assaulted Kenshin.
  • Mr. Clean defeated Robin
  • Anakin defeated Jean-Luc Picard
  • 3-on-1 Gauntlet - Jill Valentine, Melinda May & Ukyo Kuonji defeated Lara Croft
  • Jin Kazama defeated Piccolo
  • Tag Team Championship - Dante & Ghost Rider (champions) defeated Iron Man & Thor
153  October 27 Captain Marvel defends The SCAW Internet Championship in a Steel Cage against He-Man.

Main Event is Yellow Lantern vs Robin

  • King defeated Inuyasha by disqualification
    • Captain Marvel attacked King.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Burger King
    • Gambit confronted Urlacher.
  • Captain America defeated Magneto
  • Steel Cage Match for the Internet Championship - Captain Marvel (champion) defeated He-Man
  • Albert Wesker (with Ichigo Kurosaki) defeated Optimus Prime
  • The Yellow Lantern defeated Robin by count out
    • Edward Elric attacked Yellow Lantern.


Ep. Date Matches
154  November 5 Superstar Clash 154 will feature a big 6-Man Tag featuring Spider-Man, Homer Simpson & King vs Ghost Rider, Dante & Captain Marvel.

  • Six Man Tag Match - Spider-Man, Homer Simpson & King defeated Ghost Rider, Dante & Captain Marvel
  • Non Title Match - Mr. Clean defeated Thor (Hardcore Champion)
  • Gambit defeated Jean-Luc Picard
  • Non Title Match - Superman (Legends Champion) defeated Jack Sparrow
    • Mr. Clean attacked Superman.
  • Non Title Match - Edward Elric (SCAW Champion) defeated Red Hood by disqualification
    • The Yellow Lantern sent Elric a message.
155  November 28 The fallout from Halloween Manik, and the ending that has alot of people talking, and confused.

Edward Elric is still SCAW Champion, he will face Red Hood in a NoDQ Match.

SCAW Women's Champion Amy Lee will face a member of B-3 one on one.

Kenshin will look to win 2 matches in a row.

Brian Urlacher will look to win his 22nd consecutive match. Will he extend his streak or will we see another streak end this year at 21-1?

and more....

  • Non Title NoDQ Match - Edward Elric (SCAW Champion) defeated Red Hood
    • Elric vs. Harry Potter at the next Clash. The Yellow Lantern vs. Brian Urlacher in the main event.
  • Kenshin Himura defeated Burger King
  • Non Title Match - Melinda May defeated Amy Lee (Women's Champion)
  • Iron Man defeated Mr. Clean by disqualification
    • Mr. Clean and Jack Sparrow attacked Iron Man. Thor came in for the save.
  • Anakin defeated The White Ranger
    • Anakin chokeslammed White Ranger through a table.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated The Yellow Lantern
    • Edward Elric challenged Lantern for the SCAW title at Day Of Destiny 2014 inside Hell In A Cell.


Ep. Date Matches
156  December 8 Confirmed for Superstar Clash 156, from The UK.

Edward Elric vs Harry Potter

Fatal 4-Way For The SCAW Legends Championship: Superman (C) vs Ghost Rider vs Mr. Clean vs Iron-Man

SCAW Zero-One Championship: Liu Kang (C) vs Dante

Guile demands The Prince of Persia end his self imposed exile and appear.

and more...

  • Zero-One Championship - Liu Kang (champion) defeated Dante
    • Dante continued assaulting Liu Kang after the match.
  • King defeated Burger King
  • Hardcore Championship - Thor (champion) defeated Jack Sparrow
    • This was an impromptu match in the parking lot.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Jin Kazama By disqualification
    • Captain Marvel attacked Urlacher.
  • Magneto defeated Jean-Luc Picard
  • Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the SCAW Legends Championship - Superman (champion) defeated Ghost Rider, Iron Man and Mr. Clean
    • Ghost Rider and Dante attacked Superman.
  • Lara Croft defeated Danica Patrick
  • Non Title match - Edward Elric (SCAW Champion) defeated Harry Potter
    • The Yellow Lantern attacked Elric.
157  December 21 The SCAW Tag Team Championship on The Line.

  • Tag Team Championship - Ghost Rider & Dante (champions) defeated Superman & Liu Kang
  • Robin defeated The Gladiator
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Gambit
    • Captain Marvel attacked Urlacher.
  • Non Title Match - Ukyo Kuonji defeated Amy Lee (Women's champion)
  • Kenshin Himura defeated Piccolo
  • Six Man Over The Top Rope Challenge - Spider-Man defeated King, Doctor Doom, Thor, Mr. Clean and Homer Simpson