Ep. Date Matches
116  February 11 Confirmed for Superstar Clash 116 is a Steel Cage Match!! Batman and The Joker look to possibly settle things once and for all!!

Also scheduled is the First Match of SCAW's Inaugural International Cup.

117 February 20 Confirmed for Superstar Clash 117:

Spider-Man vs The Prince of Persia

The next match in The SCAW International Cup

Plus The SCAW Internet Championship & SCAW Women's Championship will be defended.

And much more...

118  March 12 Spider-Man vs Homer Simpson

Edward Elric & Iron-Man vs Ichigo Kurosaki & Mr. Clean

Batman, Robin & Optimus Prime vs Dr. Doom, Magneto & M. Bison

An International Cup Match

And More.

119 April 20 Fallout From WinterSlam..

New SCAW Champion The Prince of Persia will address The SCAW Fans

Final Match of The Opening Round of The SCAW International Cup will see Ivan Drago face David Beckham.

2 New Tag Teams will debut.

And more...

120  May 2 Scheduled to take place:

Commissioner Chuck Norris has to choose between keeping The Legends Title, or remaining as commissioner. What will Norris Do?

A new Zero-One Champion will be crowned as White Ranger will face an opponent TBD for the vacant title.

Captain Marvel vs Liu Kang in a Second Round International Cup Match

Robin vs Magneto

InuYasha in action

A Women's Title Match is scheduled.

And more...

121  May 16 Red Hood's In Ring Debut

Contract Signing between Chuck Norris & Iron-Man

Spider-Man addresses the fans after his loss to Edward Elric.

David Beckham vs King in an international cup match.

Lara Croft vs Rayne

Tag Teams in action.

And more.

  • International Cup - King defeated David Beckham (pinfall: 7 points)
  • LeBron James & Burger King defeated The Thing & Freakazoid
  • Yusuke Urameshi defeated Red Hood by disqualification
    • Doctor Doom attacked Red Hood.
  • Spock & Piccolo defeated Ryu Hayabusa & Dante
  • Rayne attacked Lara Croft before their match began
  • Non Title Match - Santa Claus defeated The Prince of Persia (SCAW Champion) by disqualification
    • The Gladiator interfered. Captain America accepted The Prince's challenge.
122 May 25 Last show before Spring Showdown...

Machine vs Machine!! Iron-Man vs Optimus Prime on Superstar Clash 122!! Also confirmed for Superstar Clash 122 will be a Zero-One Title Match, Jack Sparrow vs Ivan Drago in an International Cup Match, plus Superstars such as Edward Elric, Santa Claus, Ghost Rider and many more in action.

  • Edward Elric defeated Ghost Rider by disqualification
    • Spider-Man attacked Elric.
  • Santa Claus defeated Ryu Hayabusa
    • The Gladiator attacked them both.
  • Rayne vs. Lara Croft was a double count out
  • Zero-One Championship - The Green Lantern (c) defeated Magneto
    • M. Bison and Batman got involved.
  • International Cup - Ivan Drago defeated Jack Sparrow (submission: 15 points)
  • Iron Man defeated Optimus Prime
    • Mr. Clean distracted Optimus. Iron Man confronted Chuck Norris.
123  June 23 What to expect on the show:

What's status of Captain America after The Hell in a Cell Match?

A Falls Count Anywhere Rematch between InuYasha & Anakin

Gladiator vs Ryu Hayabusa in an International Cup Match

Kings of CAW demand Competition...

and more...

  • Ghost Rider defeated King
    • Captain Marvel attacked King.
  • International Cup - The Gladiator defeated Ryu Hayabusa (submission: 10 points)
  • Jay & Silent Bob defeated LeBron James & Burger King
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match - Anakin defeated Inuyasha
124  July 14 Ladder Match to Determine Number One Contender To The SCAW Championship: Spider-Man vs Edward Elric

SCAW International Cup Match: Jack Sparrow vs David Beckham

SCAW Zero-One Championship: Green Lantern (C) vs Magneto

SCAW Women's Champion Amy Lee in Action...

And More....

  • Zero-One Championship - The Green Lantern (c) defeated Magneto
    • M. Bison and Batman got involved so a Tag Team Title match is set up.
  • SCAW Tag Team Championship - Magneto & M. Bison (c) defeated The Green Lantern & Batman
  • International Cup - David Beckham defeated Jack Sparrow (disqualification: 3 points. Sparrow loses 5 points and drops to 2.)
  • Non Title Match - Amy Lee (Women's Champion) defeated Avril Lavigne
    • Rayne confronted Amy Lee.
  • SCAW Championship #1 Contenders Ladder Match - Spider-Man defeated Edward Elric
    • The Prince of Persia attacked Spider-Man.
125  July 27 What you can expect to see in the show:

Spider-Man vs The Gladiator: If Spider-Man wins, he can pick the type of match he faces Prince of Persia in for the SCAW Championship at Day Of Destiny, if Gladiator wins, The Prince gets to choose.

Homer Simpson vs Yusuke Urameshi

SCAW Internet Championship: Mr. Clean (C) vs Optimus Prime

SCAW International Cup Match: Ryu Hayabusa vs Liu Kang

And more participants for the match of Destiny will be confirmed.

  • Spider-Man defeated The Gladiator (with The Prince of Persia)
    • Spider-Man challenged The Prince to a TLC match.
  • Internet Championship - Mr. Clean (c) defeated Optimus Prime
    • Jack Sparrow attacked Optimus.
  • International Cup - Liu Kang vs. Ryu Hayabusa ended in double count
  • 3 on 1 Gauntlet - Homer Simpson defeated Dante, Kuwabara and Yusuke
    • Homer, Edward Elric, Anakin and Inuyasha threw each other over the top rope.
126  August 22 Matches announced:

Spider-Man, Iron-Man & InuYasha vs The Prince of Persia, Anakin & Ghost Rider

International Cup Match: King vs Ivan Drago

Amy Lee & Lara Croft vs Rayne & Avril Lavigne

and more...

  • Amy Lee & Lara Croft defeated Avril Lavigne & Rayne
  • Batman defeated M. Bison
    • Batman attacked Magneto backstage to prevent interference.
  • International Cup - King defeated Ivan Drago (submission: 17 points)
  • Non Title Match - The Green Lantern (Zero-One Champion) defeated David Beckham
  • Six Man Tag Team Match - Spider-Man, Iron Man & Inuyasha defeated Anakin, Ghost Rider & Mr. Clean
    • Mr. Clean replaced The Prince of Persia after he had a confrontation with Homer Simpson. Spider-Man and Anakin brawled out of the match.
127  August 31 Captain Marvel vs The Gladiator in an International Cup Match. Who will face King in the Finals?

Ghost Rider will face an opponent To Be Determined in a Number One Contender's Match for the Legends Title.

We will determine number one contenders to The Tag Team Championship with a ladder match.

White Ranger & Liu Kang vs Dante & Ryu Hayabusa

Edward Elric is in action.

and more....

  • Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Ladder Match - Jay & Silent Bob defeated LeBron James & Burger King and Spock & Piccolo
  • Kuwabara defeated Edward Elric
  • Ghost Rider defeated Batman
    • Red Hood aided Batman from M. Bison & Magneto.
  • Dante & Ryu Hayabusa defeated The White Ranger & Liu Kang
    • Ryu turned against Dante.
  • International Cup - The Gladiator defeated Captain Marvel (pinfall: 17 points)
    • Homer Simpson and The Prince of Persia got involved.
128  September 8 Matches You Can Expect To See On Superstar Clash 128:

Steel Cage Match: InuYasha vs Anakin

SCAW Tag Tam Championship: M. Bison & Magneto vs Jay & Silent Bob

The Prince of Persia vs King

Homer Simpson vs The Gladiator

and more...

  • Steel Cage Match - Anakin defeated Inuyasha
    • Mr. Clean attacked Inuyasha.
  • Tag Team Championship - M. Bison & Magneto (c) defeated Jay & Silent Bob
  • Non Title Match - The Prince of Persia (SCAW Champion) defeated King
  • Dante defeated The White Ranger
  • Homer Simpson defeated The Gladiator
129  September 18 What's the fallout for The Announcement That Abraham Lincoln is back, and will be refereeing The Great American Smash Main Event? We hope to get answers on Clash 129.

The following superstars will be in action ahead of Their Big Matches at The Great American Smash: Iron-Man Ghost Rider King The Gladiator

Also: InuYasha & Optimus Prime will face Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow

  • Santa Claus defeated Ghost Rider
    • The Prince of Persia attacked Santa.
  • King defeated Ryu Hayabusa
  • Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow defeated Inuyasha & Optimus Prime
  • The Gladiator defeated Liu Kang
  • Non Title Match - Anakin was disqualified vs. Iron Man (Legends Champion) for attacking the referee.
130  October 28 Main Event for Superstar Clash 130 is confirmed. It will be Batman, Robin & Red Hood vs Dr. Doom, Magneto & M.Bison.

  • Non Title Match - Inuyasha (Internet Champion) defeated Dante (Zero-One Champion)
  • Albert Wesker defeated Jin Kazama
  • Six Man Tag Team Match - Jack Sparrow, Mr. Clean & Gambit vs. Liu Kang, The White Ranger & King ended in double count out
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Yusuke Urameshi
  • Spider-Man defeated LeBron James
  • Six Man Tag Team Match - Batman, Robin & Red Hood defeated Doctor Doom, Magneto & M.Bison.
131  December 1 Mr Clean will get his Internet Title rematch with InuYasha.

The Women's Title will be on the line.


Rumor has it That The Elimination Chamber has been spotted at the above the ring at tonight's show.

  • Internet Championship - Inuyasha (c) defeated Mr. Clean
  • Women's Championship - Rayne (c) defeated Danica Patrick
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Jin Kazama
  • Elimination Chamber Match for the SCAW Championship - The Prince of Persia defeated Homer Simpson (c), Santa Claus, Spider-Man, The Green Lantern and Dante
    • Harry Potter and The Gladiator attacked Santa.
132  December 2 The SCAW Tag Team Championship will be defended in the Main Event.

  • Edward Elric defeated Kuwabara
  • Albert Wesker defeated Liu Kang by count out
  • Non Title Match - Ghost Rider (Legends Champion) defeated Jean-Luc Picard
  • Fatal Four-Way Internet Championship #1 Contenders Match - King defeated Doctor Doom, Optimus Prime and Jack Sparrow
  • Captain Marvel defeated LeBron James (with Burger King)
    • He-Man saved Marvel from the Kings of CAW assault.
  • Handicap match for the Tag Team Championship - M. Bison & Magneto defeated Batman (c)
    • Red Hood couldn't compete after The Hulk attacked him earlier in retaliation for his attack on Thor last episode. Batman attacked Iron Man who only wanted to help him.
133 December 11 Superstar Clash 133: Dark December Edition has the following Confirmed:

SCAW Championship: The Prince of Persia (C) vs Santa Claus Winner faces Edward Elric at Blood, Sweat _ Tears VII

SCAW Internet Championship: InuYasha vs King

Batman vs Iron-Man

Dante vs Green Lantern Winner picks The Stipulation for their Zero-One Championship Match at Blood, Sweat _ Tears VII

Spider-Man in action...

Anakin ordered to appear as per Interim President Lincoln

and more....

  • Edward Elric defeated The Gladiator
    • Gladiator interrupted Elric's promo so it turned into a match.
  • The White Ranger defeated Jean-Luc Picard
    • Albert Wesker attacked White Ranger.
  • Internet Championship - King defeated Inuyasha (c)
    • Mr. Clean distracted Inuyasha.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated David Beckham
  • Non Title Match - The Green Lantern defeated Dante (Zero-One Champion)
  • Iron Man defeated Batman
  • Spider-Man defeated M. Bison
    • M. Bison & Magneto attacked Spider-Man.
  • SCAW Championship - The Prince of Persia (c) defeated Santa Claus
    • Chuck Norris attacked Harry Potter before he could use magic. The Gladiator distracted Santa. Edward Elric attacked Prince of Persia and Gladiator afterward.
134  December 17 M. Bison & Magneto vs. The Mighty Thor & The Incredible Hulk for the Tag titles.

Rayne vs. Lara Croft

White Ranger vs. Albert Wesker

Burger King vs. He-Man

Internet Championship match @ BS_T7 will be announced.

Contract signing between Prince of Persia and Edward Elric.

And more..

  • Six Man Tag Team Match - King, Inuyasha & Optimus Prime defeated Doctor Doom, Jack Sparrow & Mr. Clean
    • These six will compete in a Six Pack Elimination Challenge for the Internet Title at BS&T7.
  • Brian Urlacher defeated Kobe Bryant
    • Ivan Drago attacked Urlacher.
  • Albert Wesker defeated Jean-Luc Picard by disqualification
    • Picard replaced White Ranger whom Gambit attacked backstage. Liu Kang attacked Wesker.
  • Rayne (Women's Champion) attacked Lara Croft before their Non Title match began.
  • He-Man (with Captain Marvel) defeated Burger King (with LeBron James)
  • Tag Team Championship - Magneto & M. Bison (c) defeated Thor & The Hulk
    • Spider-Man & Homer Simpson challenged for the tag titles at BS&T7.
135  December 30 What's going to happen on the Final Superstar Clash before Blood, Sweat & Tears VII?

Battle Royal involving The Men who will compete in The 6-Pack Elimination Challenge for The Internet Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears VII.

Spider-Man & Homer Simpson will team up in tag team action.

Kings of CAW vs Jay & Silent Bob

A Member of Team Avengers will face a member of Team Dark Knight.

Avril Lavigne vs Danica Patrick

Santa Claus will be giving a special message...

And in the Main Event: Edward Elric vs Anakin

  • Robin defeated Thor
  • LeBron James & Burger King defeated Jay & Silent Bob
  • Six Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal - Jack Sparrow defeated King, Inuyasha, Mr. Clean, Doctor Doom and Optimus Prime
  • Avril Lavigne defeated Danica Patrick
    • Rayne confronted Avril.
  • Spider-Man & Homer Simpson defeated Spock & Piccolo
    • Magneto & M. Bison attacked Spider-Man & Homer.
  • Edward Elric vs. Anakin was no contest
    • Hellboy and The Prince of Persia got involved.

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