Ep. Date Results
75  January 21 The SCAW Champion Robin will be here, as well as the new Number 1 Contender Ichigo Kurosaki.

Could Ghost Rider cash in his Money in the Bank Shot, could Anakin prevent him from doing so again?

The long awaited debut of Captain Picard. He will be LeBron James' guest on The Highlight Reel.

Matches Announced:

Amy Lee vs Avril Lavigne

White Ranger vs Venom

We expect to see some kind of Hardcore Match, no details yet on who will be involved.

The Tag Team Champions Joker & Jack Sparrow will be in action.

Also scheduled to appear are SCAW Commissioner Chuck Norris, Captain Marvel, He-Man, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Santa Claus, Dr. Doom, Optimus Prime, InuYasha and more.

76  January 29 SCAW Champion Robin and #1 Contender Ichigo Kurosaki will be Face to Face in the ring where our Commissioner Chuck Norris will be asking them both questions about Thier Match for The SCAW Championship at To Hell & Back.

InuYasha has been challenged to a Hell in a Cell Match against Optimus Prime, who is currently infected by The Virus. Will InuYasha accept?

There will be a Battle Royal to Determine who will face He-Man for the Internet Championship at To Hell & Back.

We will also have a Number One Contender Match for The Zero-One Championship.

Piccolo (In Ring Debut) vs Steve Nash

Anakin vs Sub-Zero

Ghost Rider vs Captain Marvel

Rayne vs Candy Cane

And much much more...

77  February 5 Last stop before To Hell & Back

Robin & Green Lantern vs Ichigo Kurosaki & Edward Elric

The original tag match of InuYasha & White Ranger vs Dr. Doom & Optimus Prime has been changed. It will now be InuYasha, White Ranger & He-Man vs Dr. Doom, Optimus Prime & Venom

Joker & Jack Sparrow vs Mick Thomson & Leatherface

Captain Marvel vs Sub-Zero: Who will get their first win in SCAW?

Also in action will be The War Machine and SCAW Zero-One Champion Mr. Clean (In seperate matches)

And much much more...

  • Non Title Match - Mick Thomson & Leatherface defeated The Joker & Jack Sparrow (Tag Team Champions)
  • War Machine defeated Kazuma Kuwabara (with Yusuke Urameshi)
  • Captain Marvel defeated Sub-Zero
  • Non Title Match - Mr. Clean (Zero-One Champion) defeated Max Payne
    • Star Trek confronted Mr. Clean.
  • The White Ranger & Inuyasha vs. Doctor Doom & Optimus Prime was no contest
    • White Ranger attacked Inuyasha. He also took out He-Man and Venom backstage.
  • Robin & The Green Lantern vs. Edward Elric & Ichigo Kurosaki was no contest
    • A message from Project Doomsday stopped the match.
78  February 23 We are off of To Hell & Back and moving onto Internal Conflict:

Spider-Man returned at the end of To Hell & Back after being away for a few weeks. We will hear from him on Clash #78.

The SCAW Champion Robin is scheduled to appear on The Highlight Reel.

Matches Announced:

Captain Picard's in ring debut.

Dr. Doom vs Mr. Clean

Piccolo vs Captain Marvel

Rayne vs Amy Lee

Plus much much more.

  • Rayne defeated Amy Lee
    • Avril Lavigne attacked Amy Lee.
  • Jean-Luc Picard defeated David Beckham
  • SCAW Championship - Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Robin (c)
    • Abraham Lincoln became referee and declared Ichigo the winner after a submission hold.
  • Captain Marvel defeated Piccolo
    • Ryu Hayabusa confronted Piccolo.
  • Loser defends his title in the Elimination Chamber at Internal Conflict - Mr. Clean (Zero-One Champion) defeated Doctor Doom (Internet Champion)
    • He-Man attacked Doom.
79 March 1 What is the Fate of The SCAW Championship? Watch to find out...

  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match - InuYasha defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
    • Chuck Norris refused to give back the SCAW title to either Ichigo or Robin and instead decreed an Elimination Chamber match at Internal Conflict. 
  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match - The Green Lantern defeated Spock
  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match - Edward Elric defeated Mick Thomson
  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match - Spider-Man defeated Ryu Hayabusa
  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match - Optimus Prime defeated War Machine
    • Ichigo attacked War Machine.
  • Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match - Robin defeated The Prince of Persia
    • Edward Elric attacked Robin and challenged Spider-Man on the next Clash.
80  March 9 Last show before Internal Conflict.

Spider-Man vs Edward Elric, Project Doomsday in a 3 on 3 Elimination Tag Match, The All Americans Return, and more...

  • Anakin defeated Zod
    • M. Bison, Apocalypse and Ghost Rider attacked Anakin.
  • Avril Lavigne defeated Candy Cane
    • Amy Lee attacked Avril.
  • Spider-Man defeated Edward Elric by count out
    • Robin attacked Elric.
  • Jean-Luc Picard defeated Ivan Drago
  • 3 on 3 Elimination Tag Match - Doctor Doom, Optimus Prime & The White Ranger defeated Mr. Clean, Inuyasha & He-Man
81  March 27 We have a new SCAW Champion, and it wasn't any of the 6 men who walked into the Elimination Chamber at Internal Conflict. Ghost Rider cashed in his MITB shot and is the new Champion. We will hear from him on Clash 81.

Joker & Jack Sparrow will waste no time as they will invoke their rematch clause against the new Tag Team Champions The All Americans. Commissioner Chuck Norris has announced that this match will be a ladder match for the straps.

Also Announced:

Captain Picard vs Zod

Amy Lee & Candy Cane vs Avril Lavigne & Rayne

M.Bison vs Steve Nash

And much much more....

  • Jean-Luc Picard defeated Zod (with Ivan Drago)
    • Drago attacked Zod, ending their alliance.
  • Avril Lavigne & Rayne defeated Amy Lee & Candy Cane
    • Rayne attacked Avril.
  • Ladder match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship - Captain America & Guile (c) defeated The Joker & Jack Sparrow
  • M. Bison defeated Steve Nash
    • Shaquille O'Neal and Captain Marvel come to Nash's aid.
  • SCAW Championship - Ghost Rider (c) defeated Robin
    • Superman and The Green Lantern got involved.
82  April 4 SCAW Internet Championship: He-Man (C) vs Dr Doom

Santa Claus vs Harry Potter

The Joker vs Mr Clean

Green Lantern in action

Iron-Man on The Lebron James Highlight Reel

Also scheduled to appear are The SCAW Champion Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, The All-Americans, and more.

  • SCAW Internet Championship - He-Man (c) defeated Doctor Doom by disqualification
    • Doom and Optimus Prime attacked He-Man.
  • The Green Lantern defeated Sub-Zero
    • Ghost Rider confronted Green Lantern.
  • Non Title Match - Mr. Clean (Zero-One Champion) defeated The Joker
    • Jack Sparrow attacked them both.
  • Santa Claus defeated Harry Potter
    • Hellboy sent Potter to hell.
83  April 11 SCAW Tag Team Championship: All Americans (C) vs Santa Claus & Hellboy

6-Man Tag Team Match: Ghost Rider, Dr. Doom & Optimus Prime vs Green Lantern, He-Man & InuYasha

Captain Marvel vs M. Bison

A 6 Man Over The Top Rope Challenge

Iron-Man's First SCAW Match of 2011

And we will hear from Superman.

Last Clash before Day of Destiny

  • Tag Team Championship - Captain America & Guile (c) defeated Hellboy & Santa Claus
  • Six Man Over the Top Rope Challenge - Edward Elric defeated Jean-Luc Picard, Piccolo, Leatherface, Spock and Mick Thomson
    • Elric, Ichigo Kurosaki and The Prince Of Persia attacked Spider-Man.
  • M. Bison vs. Captain Marvel was no contest
    • Abe Lincoln attacked Captain Marvel before the match begins.
  • Iron Man defeated David Beckham
  • Six Man Tag Team Match - The Green Lantern, He-Man & InuYasha defeated Ghost Rider, Doctor Doom & Optimus Prime
84 April 27
  • Internet Championship - Doctor Doom defeated Optimus Prime (c)
    • Optimus laid down. The Gladiator gets a shot at the Internet title.
  • Internet Championship - The Gladiator defeated Doctor Doom (c) (with Optimus Prime) by disqualification
    • Ghost Rider attacked The Gladiator.
  • Candy Cane defeated Danica Patrick
    • Amy Lee attacked Danica but Rayne attacks her in turn.
  • Piccolo vs. Santa Claus ended in double count-out
    • Ryu Hayabusa confronts Piccolo.
  • Captain America defeated Edward Elric
    • Ichigo Kurosaki and Elric attacked The All-Americans.
  • Iron Man defeated Sub-Zero
85  May 5
  • Tag Team Championship - Ichigo Kurosaki & Edward Elric defeated Captain America & Guile (c)
  • Lara Croft defeated Ashley Graham
    • Debut for both.
  • Tag Team Hardcore Match - YuYu Hakusho defeated Mick Thomson & Leatherface
  • Non Title Match - The White Ranger (with Optimus Prime) defeated Mr. Clean (Zero-One Champion)
    • Project Doomsday attacked Mr. Clean.
  • Non Title Match - Spider-Man defeated Ghost Rider (SCAW Champion) by disqualification
    • The Prince of Persia, The Gladiator, M. Bison and Captain Marvel get involved.
  • Ryu Hayabusa defeated Hellboy
    • Hellboy and Santa Claus attacked Piccolo.
  • Dante defeated David Beckham
    • Anakin attacked Beckham.
  • Superman defeated Nacho
  • The Gladiator defeated Sub-Zero
    • Ghost Rider attacked Gladiator.
  • Spider-Man & Captain Marvel defeated M. Bison & The Prince of Persia
87  May 19
  • SCAW Zero-One Championship - The White Ranger defeated Mr. Clean (c)
  • Guile defeated Edward Elric
  • Spock vs. Jean-Luc Picard was no contest
    • Max Payne attacked both men.
  • Amy Lee vs. Danica Patrick was no contest
    • Rayne attacked Amy Lee.
  • Captain America defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
88  June 8
  • Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Iron Man ended in double count-out
    • Edward Elric and War Machine got involved.
  • Sub-Zero defeated Nacho
  • Avril Lavigne defeated Ashley Graham (with Lara Croft)
  • Six Pack Match Qualifier - The Gladiator defeated M. Bison
    • Ghost Rider attacked Gladiator.
  • Zero-One Championship - The White Ranger (c) attacked Mr. Clean before their match.
    • The Green Lantern attacked White Ranger. Superman files a restraining order against Green Lantern.
  • Six Pack Match Qualifier - The Prince of Persia defeated Anakin
    • Ryu Hayabusa and Piccolo attacked Anakin.
89  June 18 Qualifying For The Six-Pack Elimination Challenge Continues.

  • Six Pack Match Qualifier - Spider-Man defeated Edward Elric
  • Armored Avengers (Iron Man & War Machine) defeated Mick Thomson & Leatherface
  • Six Pack Match Qualifier - Optimus Prime (with The White Ranger) defeated Jean-Luc Picard
  • Candy Cane & Amy Lee vs. Danica Patrick & Rayne ended in double count out.
  • Six Pack Match Qualifier - He-Man defeated The Joker
    • Jack Sparrow attacked Joker.
90  August 18 Ichigo Kurosaki & Edward Elric will cash in their rematch clause and challenge The Armored Avengers for The Tag Team Championship.

  • SCAW Championship - Guile (c) defeated Homer Simpson
    • Ghost Rider attacked Guile.
  • Anakin defeated Ryu Hayabusa
  • Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match - Mr. Clean, Jean-Luc Picard & Jack Sparrow defeated Doctor Doom, Optimus Prime & The White Ranger
    • Project Doomsday attacked Captain Marvel.
  • Avril Lavigne & Danica Patrick defeated Ashley Graham & Lara Croft
  • Tag Team Championship - Armored Avengers (c) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki & Edward Elric
91 September 25 At least 2 big Title Matches have been signed for Superstar Clash 91! Captain Marvel will defend the Internet Championship against Optimus Prime, while White Ranger defends the Zero-One Championship against Captain Picard. There may be more big matches to take place. Will the SCAW Championship be on the line, rumors have that it might be.

  • Internet Championship - Captain Marvel (c) defeated Optimus Prime (with Doctor Doom)
    • Doom attacks Prime for his failures. The Gladiator gets involved. 
  • Piccolo & Ryu Hayabusa defeated YuYu Hakusho
  • Inuyasha defeated George W. Bush
  • Zero-One Championship - Jean-Luc Picard defeated The White Ranger (c) by count out
    • Jack Sparrow and Mr. Clean attacked The White Ranger.
  • Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the SCAW Championship - Ghost Rider defeated Guile (c), Homer Simpson and Spider-Man
    • Homer attacked Guile even after he was already eliminated.
92 October 5

Anakin vs The Joker

The Gladiator & Captain Marvel vs Dr. Doom & Optimus Prime

Don't Miss it.

  • Danica Patrick defeated Ashley Graham (with Lara Croft)
  • Doctor Doom & Optimus Prime walked out of their match with The Gladiator & InuYasha
    • Inuyasha replaced Captain Marvel when he was attacked by M. Bison
  • Tag Team Championship - Robin & The Green Lantern defeated Armored Avengers (c)
  • Tag Team Championship - Ryu Hayabusa & Piccolo defeated Robin & The Green Lantern (c)
    • Abe Lincoln made Robin & Green Lantern immediately defend their titles.
  • Edward Elric defeated David Beckham
  • Lance Burton defeated Max Payne
    • Harry Potter attacked Lance Burton.
  • The Joker vs. Anakin was no contest
93  October 12 Matches announced for Superstar Clash 93.

Blood, Sweat & Tears IV Rematch: He-Man vs Harry Potter

Jack Sparrow vs The Prince of Persia

Number 1 Contender's Match for The SCAW Tag Team Championship: Santa Claus & Hellboy vs Jay & Silent Bob

Blood, Sweat & Tears II Rematch: Homer Simpson vs Spider-Man

And more...

  • Homer Simpson vs. Spider-Man was no contest
    • They refused to fight and instead complained that they aren't main eventing BS&T5. Chuck Norris announced they will face Guile and Batman respectively at that event.
  • Santa Claus & Hellboy defeated Jay & Silent Bob
  • Six Women Over the Top Rope Battle Royal - Rayne defeated Avril Lavigne, Danica Patrick, Candy Cane, Lara Croft and Amy Lee
  • He-Man vs. Harry Potter was no contest
    • Superman and Lance Burton attacked He-Man and Potter, respectively.
  • The Prince of Persia vs. Jack Sparrow ends in double count-out.
    • The other Gauntlet for the Gold participants (Picard, Mr. Clean, Mick Thomson, Sub-Zero, Spock, Yusuke) brawled backstage.
  • M. Bison defeated Nacho
    • Captain Marvel attacked M. Bison.
  • Tag Team Championship - Ryu Hayabusa & Piccolo (c) defeated Edward Elric & Ichigo Kurosaki
    • Ichigo turned against Elric.
94 October 19 Superstar Clash 94, the last stop before Blood, Sweat & Tears V, will take place later this week. Some matches are confirmed for the show:

Spider-Man & Homer Simpson vs Guile & The Green Lantern

Piccolo & Ryu Hayabusa vs Jay & Silent Bob

Ichigo Kurosaki, Yusuke & Kuwabara vs Edward Elric & 2 Partners

4-Way Cage Match: The Gladiator vs M. Bison vs Optimus Prime vs Captain Marvel

6-Man Elimination Match: Mr. Clean vs Captain Picard vs Spock vs Dante vs Mick Thomson vs Sub-Zero

Plus expect a confrontation between President Abraham Lincoln & Commissioner Chuck Norris And more....

  • Guile & The Green Lantern defeated Spider-Man & Homer Simpson by disqualification
    • Spider-Man hit Green Lantern with a chair
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match - Ichigo Kurosaki & YuYu Hakusho vs. Edward Elric & TBD was no contest
    • Yusuke & Kuwabara left Animation Evolution.
  • Non Title Four-Way Steel Cage Match - Optimus Prime defeated Captain Marvel (Internet Champion), The Gladiator and M. Bison
  • Six-Way Elimination Match - Dante defeated Mr. Clean, Jean-Luc Picard, Spock, Mick Thomson and Sub-Zero
    • Yusuke Urameshi, The Prince Of Persia, Jack Sparrow and The White Ranger attacked each other.
  • Non Title Tag Team Match - Ryu Hayabusa & Piccolo (Tag Team Champions) defeated Jay & Silent Bob
95  December 1 It could be a new era as Lincoln is out as President after losing to Chuck Norris at Blood, Sweat & Tears V. Will Norris Take over as the new figurehead. Many questions are expected to be answered on the show.

Anakin walked out of Blood, Sweat & Tears V the new SCAW Champion, but now he becomes the prey as Champion. Who will emerge as challengers for his gold? No doubt Ghost Rider will want a rematch.

Some matches are confirmed:

The New Tag Team Champions Hellboy & Santa Claus will defend their titles as the former Champions will get a rematch. But not Piccolo & Ryu Hayabusa, because before they get their rematch, another team will get their rematch, Iron-Man & The War Machine challenge on Clash 95.

Also a big one-on-one grudge match as Former Tag Champions will also face each other. Superman faces The Green Lantern.

Also scheduled is a ladder match, but who will participate?

Also scheduled to appear are the new Women's Champion Avril Lavigne, Homer Simpson, Edward Elric, Mr. Clean, Captain Jack Sparrow, Spider-Man, Batman, and more.

  • Four-Way Zero-One Championship #1 Contenders Ladder Match - Jack Sparrow defeated Mr. Clean, Dante and Spock
  • Tag Team Championship - Hellboy & Santa Claus (c) defeated Armored Avengers
  • Superman defeated The Green Lantern
  • Extreme Rules Match for the SCAW Championship - Anakin (c) defeated Ghost Rider
    • The Prince Of Persia attacked Anakin.
96  December 10 Triple Threat Match: Winner Faces Anakin for The SCAW Championship At Dark December: Superman vs Edward Elric vs Homer Simpson

SCAW Zero-One Championship: Captain Picard (C) vs Jack Sparrow

SCAW Champion Anakin vs The Prince of Persia

Also M.Bison will defend The SCAW Internet Championship. But who will he defend it against?

  • Non Title Match - Anakin (SCAW Champion) defeated The Prince of Persia (with Ghost Rider)
  • Internet Championship - M. Bison (c) defeated Kuwabara
  • Zero-One Championship - Jean-Luc Picard (c) defeated Jack Sparrow
    • Ryu Hayabusa and Piccolo attacked them both.
  • Triple Threat SCAW Championship #1 Contenders Match - Superman defeated Homer Simpson and Edward Elric
97 December 26
  • He-Man defeated War Machine
    • Spider-Man and Homer Simpson attacked War Machine.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Yusuke Urameshi
    • Edward Elric attacked Ichigo.
  • Tag Team Championship - Santa Claus & Hellboy (c) defeated Ryu Hayabusa & Piccolo
    • The Prince of Persia & Ghost Rider attacked Santa & Hellboy.
  • Spider-Man defeated Robin
    • Batman confronted Spider-Man.
98 December 26
  • Superman defeated Edward Elric
    • Ichigo Kurosaki attacked Elric.
  • Fatal Four-Way Elimination SCAW Women's Championship #1 Contenders Match - Lara Croft defeated Danica Patrick, Amy Lee and Rayne
    • Avril went for a cheap shot and Lara chased her all the way to the back.
  • The Prince of Persia & Ghost Rider defeated Jay & Silent Bob
    • Santa Claus & Hellboy confronted Prince of Persia & Ghost Rider.
  • Batman defeated Sub-Zero
  • Non Title Match - Anakin (SCAW Champion) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki by count out.
    • Superman attacked Anakin.

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