Ep. Date Matches
53 January 27 Superman lost the SCAW Championship to Spider-Man at e-extravaganza, but will waste no time in cashing in his rematch clause as he will face Spider-Man for the SCAW Championship in a Huge Main Event!! Who will walk out champion? Spider-Man? Superman? Or Could Green Lantern cash in MITB after such an epic match?

President Lincoln will make his big return, and it's rumored that he will make several big annoucements, possibly The Main Event For SCAW Next CPV, The Great American Smash!

Also XXX will face Jay & Silent Bob, plus He-Man will take part in a Gauntlet Match!

That, and More on Superstar Clash 53!!

54 February 3 Homer Simpson vs Ichigo Kurosaki

Champion vs Champion Non Title Match: Internet Champion Iron-Man vs Zero-One Champion Ryu Hayabusa

Green Lantern vs Edward Elric

Optimus Maximus vs Jack Sparrow & The Hulk

Ivan Drago in action.

And The Controversial Figure Who Has Come, the one who called himself our "Straight Edge" Lord & Savior? Yeah, we understand he wil be appearing. Maybe we shall learn more about what his purpose is.

55 February 12 SCAW Champion Spider-Man and SCAW Internet Champion Iron-Man will meet Face To Face before Thier Champion vs Champion Main Event at The Great American Smash.

Talkin' Tough Returns with Ghost Rider Scheduled to Be Mr.T's Guest.

Matches Confirmed:

Non Title Match: SCAW Tag Team Champions Yusuke & Kuwabara vs Superman & Green Lantern

SCAW Zero-One Championship: Ryu Hayabusa © vs The Prince of Persia

6-Man Tag Team Match: Hellboy, Mr. Clean & He-Man vs Santa Claus, Jack Sparrow & Ivan Drago

The White Ranger vs Max Payne

And More....

56 March 6 The Fallout From The Great American Smash!!

  • Internet Championship Qualifier Match - Ghost Rider defeated Ivan Drago
  • Mick Thomson defeated Robocop
    • Mick's debut.
  • The Prince of Persia was disqualified for hitting Guile with the ring bell.
  • Edward Elric defeated Gene Simmons
    • Zero-One champ Ryu Hayabusa accepted Elric's challenge.
  • Internet Championship Qualifier Match - Max Payne defeated Freakazoid
    • Kobe Bryant attacked Freakazoid.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Captain America
    • Darth Vader attacked Captain America.
57 March 14 It's rumored that Spider-Man was going to cash in his rematch with Iron-Man, but now he's chosen to wait to face Iron-Man again. What's the reason. And when will Ichigo Kurosaki get his Title Shot he earned on Superstar Clash 56? We hope to have those answers.

Matches Confirmed For Superstar Clash #57

SCAW Tag Team Championship: Texas Tornado Rules!! Superman & Green Lantern © vs Yusuke & Kuwabara

Batman & Joker vs Optimus Prime & The Gladiator

Also There will be 2 more matches to qualify for Spring Showdown's Internet Championship Match. Who will join Ghost Rider & Max Payne in the match?

And Mick Thomson will be in action again.

  • Texas Tornado Rules Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship - Superman & The Green Lantern (c) defeated YuYu Hakusho
  • Internet Championship Qualifier Match - Jack Sparrow (with The Hulk) defeated The White Ranger
  • Mick Thomson defeated I.C. Wiener
  • Batman & The Joker defeated Optimus Prime & The Gladiator
  • Internet Championship Qualifier Match - Hellboy defeated Kobe Bryant
  • Non Title Match - Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Iron Man (SCAW Champion)  by disqualification
    • It will be Iron Man, Spider-Man and Ichigo in a Triple Threat match at Spring Showdown.
58 March 20 Superman vs Batman ' Nuff Said

  • Internet Championship Qualifier Match - The Gladiator defeated Santa Claus
    • Homer Simpson distracted Santa.
  • Non Title Match - Ryu Hayabusa (Zero-One Champion) defeated LeBron James
  • Internet Championship Qualifier Match - Harry Potter defeated Optimus Prime
  • Superman defeated Batman
    • The Joker and The Green Lantern got involved. The Tag titles will be on the line at Spring Showdown in a TLC match.
59 April 1 Last show before Spring Showdown.

The Card:

2 on 3 Handicap Match: Iron-Man & Spider-Man vs Ichigo Kurosaki, Yusuke Urameshi & Kazuma Kuwabara

Green Lantern vs The Joker

6-Man Tag Team Match: Homer Simpson, Guile & Ghost Rider vs Santa Claus, The Prince of Persia & Harry Potter

He-Man & Hellboy vs Jack Sparrow & The Hulk

Max Payne vs The Gladiator

Also Talkin' Tough will feature Ryu Hayabusa & Edward Elric ahad of Their Zero-One Championship Match at Spring Showdown.

  • Six Man Tag Team Match - Homer Simpson, Guile & Ghost Rider defeated Santa Claus, The Prince of Persia & Harry Potter
  • He-Man vs. Hellboy vs. Jack Sparrow & The Hulk ended in a draw.
  • Max Payne defeated The Gladiator
  • The Joker defeated The Green Lantern by disqualification
    • Batman and Superman got involved.
  • 2 on 3 Handicap Match - Ichigo Kurosaki & YuYu Hakusho defeated Iron Man & Spider-Man
    • Spider-Man and Iron Man turned against each other.
60 April 17 On Superstar Clash 60, we will see a first for SCAW. The "Beat The Clock" Challenge. Whoever wins their match in the shortest amount of time will face Iron-Man at Day Of Destiny, our next Mega Event, for The SCAW Championship.

10 Superstars will be selected to randomly compete in 5 matches.

  • Beat The Clock - Superman defeated Guile (10:00)
  • Beat The Clock - Ghost Rider defeated The Prince of Persia (9:51)
  • Beat The Clock - Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Spider-Man was a draw
    • YuYu Hakusho attacked Spider-Man.
  • Beat The Clock - Anakin defeated Homer Simpson (5:26)
  • Beat The Clock - Batman vs. Hellboy was a draw
    • The Joker attacked Hellboy. It will be a Buried Alive Match between Batman and Hellboy at Day Of Destiny.
61 April 26 Contract Signing between Iron-Man & Anakin for their SCAW Championship Match at Day of Destiny.

6 Superstars will compete in a Over The Top Rope Challenge.

Participants For Day of Destiny's Match of Destiny will be Announced

Big Matches Announced:

Hellboy vs The Joker

He-Man vs Jack Sparrow

Superman & Green Lantern vs Harry Potter & The Prince of Persia

6-Man Tag Team Match: Edward Elric, Yusuke & Kuwabara vs Spider-Man & 2 Partners

  • Hellboy defeated The Joker
  • Six Man Over the Top Rope Challenge - Ghost Rider defeated The Gladiator, Optimus Prime, Max Payne, Ivan Drago and Mick Thomson
  • Non Title Match - Superman & The Green Lantern (Tag Team Champions) defeated Harry Potter & The Prince of Persia
  • He-Man defeated Jack Sparrow (with The Hulk) by count out
    • Zod attacked He-Man.
  • Six Man Tag Team Match - Spider-Man, Guile & Ryu Hayabusa defeated Edward Elric & YuYu Hakusho
62 May 4 SCAW Championship: Iron-Man © vs Batman

Steel Cage Match: Spider-Man vs Ichigo Kurosaki

SCAW Zero-One Championship: Edward Elric © vs Ryu Hayabusa

Win or Go Home Match: Kobe Bryant vs Freakazoid

Plus InuYasha in Action.

  • SCAW Championship - Iron Man (c) defeated Batman
    • The Joker attacked Iron Man. The match restarted w/o DQ or count outs. Hellboy confronted Batman.
  • Inuyasha defeated Milhouse
  • Zero-One Championship - Edward Elric (c) defeated Ryu Hayabusa
  • Win or Go Home Match - Freakazoid defeated Kobe Bryant
  • Non Title Match - Superman defeated Harry Potter (Internet Champion)
  • Steel Cage Match - Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Spider-Man
    • Spider-Man was attacked when the lights went out.
63  May 18 Expect Fallout From Day of Destiny, plus the Road To No Guts No Glory begins. The Match of Destiny Winner Robin will no doubt be looking to confront Iron-Man, who retained the SCAW Championship in controversial fashion at Day of Destiny. We hope to hear from President Lincoln about the controversial inclusion of himself in that match, No Doubt Anakin will be on a warpath on Clash #63.

Matches Confirmed:

Ivan Drago vs Mick Thomson

Number 1 Contender's Match For The Zero-One Championship: The Prince of Persia vs The Gladiator

More Matches will be confirmed on the show itself.

  • The Gladiator defeated The Prince of Persia
  • SCAW Internet Championship - Hellboy defeated Harry Potter
    • The Green Lantern vacated the Internet title.
  • He-Man defeated Jack Sparrow by disqualification
    • Zod attacked He-Man.
  • Ivan Drago attacked Mick Thomson before the match began.
  • Spider-Man defeated The Hulk
    • Hulk is fired. The mysterious voice shows up again.
64  May 26 The 2010 Match of Destiny Winner Robin is scheduled to be in action. No doubt SCAW Champion Iron-Man will be watching. Also, The SCAW Tag Team Champions Superman & The Green Lantern are scheduled to defend against opponents To Be Determined.

What will happen next with Anakin and President Lincoln? The President forming an alliance with The Prince of Persia to take down Anakin on Clash 63 was no doubt a shocker!

Talkin' Tough is also scheduled to take place!!

Also scheduled: Internet Championship #1 Contender Match: Ghost Rider vs Optimus Prime

Captain America vs Edward Elric

Zod vs The White Ranger

Also scheduled to appear: Harry Potter, Homer Simpson, Ichigo Kurosaki, Spider-Man, and more...

  • Robin defeated Kuwabara
  • Optimus Prime defeated Ghost Rider
  • Zod defeated The White Ranger
    • Zod and Ivan Drago team up.
  • Non Title Match - Captain America defeated Edward Elric (Zero-One Champion)
    • YuYu Hakusho attacked Captain America's partner Guile.
  • Tag Team Championship - Harry Potter & Anakin defeated Superman & The Green Lantern (c)
    • Potter teleported Superman out. Ichigo Kurosaki attacked Green Lantern.
65  June 2 Iron-Man vs Homer Simpson

Robin vs Ichigo Kurosaki

Ghost Rider vs Max Payne

Jack Sparrow vs Ryu Hayabusa

Jay & Silent Bob vs XXX

Plus Talkin' Tough with Guile & Captain America

And More....

  • Robin defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
    • The Green Lantern attacked Ichigo.
  • xXx vs. Jay & Silent Bob ended in a draw.
  • Max Payne defeated Ghost Rider
  • Ryu Hayabusa vs. Ivan Drago (with Jack Sparrow) was no contest.
    • They, along with Mick Thomson, Zod and He-Man, are in a 6-Man Tag match at No Guts No Glory.
  • Spider-Man defeated Jimmy King
  • Non Title Match - Iron Man (SCAW Champion) defeated Homer Simpson by disqualification
    • Robin got involved.
66 August 16 Last Show before Ascendance.

SCAW Champion Green Lantern & Homer Simpson are scheduled to appear on Talkin' Tough.

Also we expect to hear from InuYasha, who will respond to what caused him to get eliminated for The SCAW Tournament.

And who will join The Holy Straight Edge Society? The Lord and Savior is expected to inform us on SUperstar Clash 66.

Matches Confirmed:

Steel Cage Match: Spider-Man vs Venom

Internet Championship: Ghost Rider © vs The Prince of Persia

Zero-One Championship: Edward Elric © vs The Gladiator

Santa Claus vs The Joker

Anakin vs Jack Sparrow

  • Santa Claus defeated The Joker
  • Internet Championship - Ghost Rider (c) defeated The Prince of Persia
  • Zero-One Championship - The Gladiator defeated Edward Elric (c)
  • Anakin defeated Jack Sparrow
  • Steel Cage Match - Spider-Man defeated Venom
67  August 31 Spider-Man won the 2010 SCAW Tournament and is going on to face The Green Lantern for the SCAW Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears IV. Will these two men come face to face on Clash 67?

How will Homer Simpson respond to losing out at Ascendance?

And everyone was shocked to find out that The Deadly CAW Virus was created by none other than the sinister Dr. Doom. Will Doom show up on Clash 67? What is the fate of SCAW? Will this virus cause havoc on the Clash?

The Holy Straight Edge Society assaulted Santa Claus at Ascendance! What is the condition of the man from The North Pole? We hope to hear from The Lord & Savior as to why this attack took place.

Clash 67 will be the First Appearance of the Winner of The Choose The Superstar Game, The newest SCAW Superstar, Captain Marvel.

2 Title Matches Are Also Confirmed:

SCAW Tag Team Championship: All-Americans © vs Optimus Maximus

SCAW Internet Championship: Ghost Rider © vs Hellboy vs Harry Potter

The War Machine is also scheduled to be in action.

Also scheduled to appear: SCAW President Abraham Lincoln, Anakin, Iron-Man, Jack Sparrow, Robin, Superman, and more.

  • Tag Team Championship - Captain America & Guile (c) defeated Optimus Prime & The Gladiator
  • The Joker defeated Shaquille O'Neal
  • War Machine defeated Milhouse
  • Triple Threat Match for the Internet Championship - Harry Potter defeated Ghost Rider (c) and Hellboy
    • Potter wasn't medically cleared to compete but made a last minute "miraculous recovery".
  • Iron Man defeated Kobe Bryant
  • The Green Lantern & Spider-Man vs. Homer Simpson & Venom was no contest
    • A message from Project Doomsday interrupted the match.
68 September 6 After what went down at the end of Clash 67, President Lincoln has announced the Clash 67 Main Event Tag match featuring SCAW Champion Green Lantern & Spiderman vs Homer Simpson & Venom will restart at the top of the program.

Dr. Doom is expected to appear. What will he have to say?

Ghost Rider will waste no time exercising his rematch clause for the Internet Championship against new Internet Champion Harry Potter.

Edward Elric will also be exercising his rematch clause for the Zero-One Championship against The Gladiator.

Hellboy will face Ivan Drago.

In the Main Event, it will be a battle between former NoDQ Icons as Superman faces Captain Jack Sparrow. And a stipulation has been added. If Sparrow wins, Superman must be Sparrow's Tag Team Partner when he challenges for the Tag Team Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears IV.

Also scheduled to appear are SCAW President Abraham Lincoln, Captain America, Guile, He-Man, Iron-Man, The Prince of Persia, Robin, The War Machine, and much more.

  • The Green Lantern & Spider-Man defeated Homer Simpson & Venom
  • Triple Threat Match for the Zero-One Championship - The Prince of Persia defeated The Gladiator (c) and Edward Elric
    • Lincoln added The Prince at the last minute.
  • Internet Championship - Harry Potter (c) defeated Ghost Rider
    • Ichigo Kurosaki was appointed the special referee at the last minute.
  • War Machine defeated Milhouse
  • Mick Thomson defeated Ivan Drago
    • Mick replaced Hellboy who was attacked by the Holy Straight Edge Society. Leatherface attacked Mick.
  • Superman defeated Jack Sparrow
    • Iron Man challenged Superman at Blood, Sweat & Tears IV.
69  September 14 Triple Threat Ladder Match for The SCAW Tag Team Championship: All-Americans © vs Optimus Maximus vs Yusuke & Kuwabara

Green Lantern vs An Opponent of Spider-Man's choosing

Internet Championship #1 Contender Match: He-Man vs The Joker

Superman vs The War Machine

Dr Doom vs Freakazoid

Also, President Lincoln said that if Anakin wants to face Abraham Lincoln, he will have to "Pay the Price". What does that mean?

Also scheduled to appear: Captain Marvel, Homer Simpson, Iron-Man, Jack Sparrow, Leatherface, Lebron James, Mick Thomson, Robin, and more.

  • Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship - Optimus Prime & The Gladiator defeated Captain America & Guile (c) and YuYu Hakusho
  • Doctor Doom defeated Freakazoid
  • Superman defeated War Machine
  • He-Man defeated The Joker
    • Jack Sparrow picked Joker as his partner at Blood, Sweat & Tears IV.
  • Non Title match - The Green Lantern (SCAW Champion) defeated Venom
    • Spider-Man vs. Iron Man on the next Clash.
  • Handicap match - The Prince of Persia & Harry Potter defeated Anakin
    • Abraham Lincoln attacked Anakin.
70  September 22 Spider-Man vs Iron-Man

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Ghost Rider: Loser has to participate in a Handicap Match on Clash 71.

Homer Simpson vs Ryu Hayabusa

Dr Doom vs The White Ranger

Contact Signing between SCAW President Abraham Lincoln and Anakin for their Street Fight at Blood, Sweat & Tears IV.

The Lebron James Show debuts, and the first guest...Shaquille O'Neal.

Also a 4-Way Cage Match will take place.

Also scheduled to appear: SCAW Champion The Green Lantern, Superman, Robin, The Gladiator, Optimus Prime, Jack Sparrow, The Joker, Harry Potter, He-Man, and more.

  • Four-Way Steel Cage Match for a spot in Ultimate Zero-One - Spock defeated Nacho, Freakazoid and Max Payne
  • Doctor Doom defeated The White Ranger by count out
    • Inuyasha attacked Doom.
  • Loser has to participate in a Handicap Match on Clash 71 - Ghost Rider defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Homer Simpson defeated Ryu Hayabusa
    • Homer accepted Robin's BS&T4 challenge.
  • Spider-Man defeated Iron Man
    • Spider-Man & The Green Lantern vs. Iron Man & Superman for Clash 71.
71  October 1 Last Show Before Blood, Sweat & Tears IV.

  • Handicap Match - Captain America & Guile defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
    • Animation Evolution attacked Ghost Rider.
  • Inuyasha defeated Zod
  • Non Title Match - Harry Potter (Internet Champion) defeated Robin
    • Homer Simpson and He-Man got involved.
  • David Beckham defeated Captain Marvel
  • The Green Lantern & Spider-Man vs. Superman & Iron Man was no contest
    • A message from Doctor Doom interrupted the match.
72  November 22 A new season begins. What's in store?

  • Internet Championship - He-Man (c) defeated The Prince of Persia.
    • Harry Potter, with huge muscles, attacked He-Man.
  • Anakin defeated Max Payne
  • First ever SCAW Women's Match - Amy Lee defeated Candy Cane
  • Santa Claus & Hellboy defeated David Beckham & Kobe Bryant
  • Non Title Match - Spider-Man defeated The Green Lantern (SCAW Champion)
    • The Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Homer Simpson and Robin will be in an Ultimate 4-Way match at Dark December 2010
73  November 30 Homer Simpson vs Robin

The Tag Team Champions Joker & Jack Sparrow in action.

Sub-Zero's SCAW In Ring Debut.

Chuck Norris & Superman will be in a SCAW Ring for the First Time since Blood, Sweat & Tears III.

and much, much more.

  • Homer Simpson defeated Robin
  • Optimus Prime (with Doctor Doom) defeated Captain Marvel
    • Inuyasha confronted Doom.
  • Non Title Match - The Joker & Jack Sparrow (Tag Team Champions) defeated Ryu Hayabusa & Nacho
    • Santa Claus & Hellboy challenge Joker & Sparrow.
  • Mick Thomson defeated Zod by disqualification
    • Zod & Ivan Drago attacked Thomson.
  • War Machine defeated Sub-Zero
74  December 7 The Last Superstar Clash before Dark December:

Green Lantern vs Robin

Number 1 Contenders for The SCAW Tag Team Championship will be determined.

Avril Lavigne will have her first SCAW Match.

InuYasha is scheduled to appear on The LeBron James Highlight Reel.

What about what happened at the end of Clash 73? Edward Elric no doubt will explain why he attacked Superman.

And who attacked Anakin on Clash 73?

Also scheduled to appear are SCAW Commissioner Chuck Norris, Homer Simpson, Spider-Man, Joker, Jack Sparrow, The Prince of Persia, Harry Potter, He-Man, Mr. Clean, Captain Marvel, Sub-Zero, Dr. Doom, and more.

  • Edward Elric defeated Captain Marvel
    • Elric and Ichigo unsuccessfully tried to lure Superman into a trap.
  • Inuyasha defeated Venom
    • Inuyasha attacked LeBron James. Doctor Doom sicced Venom on Inuyasha.
  • Santa Claus & Hellboy defeated YuYu Hakusho
  • Avril Lavigne was disqualified for hitting Rayne with a chair.
  • Mr. Clean defeated Sub-Zero
  • Spider-Man vs Robin was no contest
    • Homer Simpson and The Green Lantern get involved.

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