Ep. Date Matches
31 January 22
32 February 12
33 February 19
34 March 12
  • Tag Team Championship - Optimus Prime & The Gladiator def. Hollywood (Kobe Bryant & David Beckham (c)
35 March 19
  • Internet Championship - Santa Claus defeated Iron Man (c)
41 July 30 SCAW is on the Road To Blood, Sweat & Tears III.

At No Guts No Glory, Abraham Lincoln has regained The SCAW Presidency. Rumor has it he plans on making a big impact on the first show with him is back in charge of SCAW.

Only Match confirmed Thus Far for Clash # 41 is Green Lantern vs Prince of Persia for The SCAW Zero-One Championship.

Superman retained The SCAW Championship at No Guts No Glory. He believes nothing will stop him from Headling Blood, Sweat & Tears III. The Road to Blodd, Sweat & Tears may have some roadblocks, though. We shall see.

InuYasha won The 2009 SCAW Tournament, but the big news was the return of The Red and Blue of Spider-Man. What will both of these men have to say on Clash #41?

Also, Guile, Homer Simpson, Ichigo Kurosaki, Ghost Rider, Santa Claus, Captain America, and more are expected to appear.

  • Zero-One Championship - The Green Lantern (c) defeated The Prince Of Persia
  • Shaquille O'Neal & LeBron James win a Tag Team Turmoil for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
    • Order of elimination: Star Trek, xXx, Jay & Silent Bob,  The Oddities, YuYu Hakusho, Optimus Prime & The Gladiator (c)
  • Elimination Chamber match for the SCAW Championship - Homer Simpson defeated Iron Man, Guile, Ghost Rider, Santa Claus and M. Bison
    • Iron Man replaced the champion Superman who was attacked backstage.
42 August 6 Homer Simpson became a 2-Time SCAW Champion with his victory inside The Elimination Chamber on Clash 41. However, Superman lost the title without being a part of The Title Match, due to someone mysteriously assaulting Superman, some who SUperman claimed was "More Powerful than Kyrponite". Who was responsible? Will we find out on Clash 42?

InuYasha won The 2009 SCAW Tournament, defeating Spider-Man in The Final. But the Spider-Man we saw at No Guts No Glory was the return of the Red & Blue. However on Clash 41, The Black of Darkness returned, and he claimed InuYasha's win was a fluke, and claimed he could not beat "The Real Spider-Man". On Clash 42, these two will compete, and InuYasha has agreed to put his Blood, Sweat & Tears III Championship Match on the line.

Also scheduled for Clash 42 is a pair of matches to determine #1 Contenders for The Zero-One Champion Green Lantern, and The New SCAW Tag Team Champions Shaquille O'Neal & LeBron James. We understand Ladders and a Steel Cage are going to play a factor in determining these #1 Contenders. You will have to tune in to find out.

Also scheduled to appear are SCAW President Abraham Lincoln, Ichigo Kurosaki, Batman, The Joker, The Prince of Persia, Mr. Clean, The White Ranger, Yu Yu Hakusho, Jay & Silent Bob, and more.

Be sure to watch. You never know what will happen, or what you will miss out on.

  • For the spot in the Blood, Sweat and Tears 3 Main Event - Spider Man defeated Inuyasha
  • Zero-One Championship #1 Contender Steel Cage Match - The White Ranger defeated The Prince of Persia, Mr. Clean and Ryu Hayabusa
  • Tag Team #1 Contender Ladder Match - Jay & Silent Bob defeated xXx and Yu Yu Hakusho
  • SCAW Championship - Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Homer Simpson (c)
  • SCAW Championship - Inuyasha defeated Ichigo Kurosaki (c)
    • Abraham Lincoln gives InuYasha an SCAW title shot.
43 August 27 New SCAW Champion InuYasha teams with Homer Simpson to face Spider-Man & Ichigo Kurosaki

Also: Darth Vader will reveal his new ally.

The Punisher is expected to be on the show.

Superman's attacker will be revealed.

The Main Event For Blood, Sweat & Tears III will be officially announced.

Other Matches confirmed:

Guile & Ghost Rider vs Darth Vader & A Mystery Partner

SCAW Tag Team Championship: Shaq & LeBron James © vs Jay & Silent Bob

The Joker vs Robin

Santa Claus vs David Beckham

And more superstars are scheduled to appear.

  • Darth Vader & Harry Potter defeated Guile & Ghost Rider
    • Potter's debut in SCAW.
  • Tag Team Championship - Shaquille O'Neal & LeBron James (c) defeated Jay & Silent Bob
  • Robin vs The Joker is no contest
    • Batman beats down both men.
  • Santa Claus defeated David Beckham
    • Kobe Bryant attacked Beckham and challenged him at BS&T 3.
  • Homer Simpson & Inuyasha defeated Spider-Man & Ichigo Kurosaki
    • These four will be in an Ultimate 4-Way Match for the SCAW Championship at BS&T 3.
44 August 20 Batman vs Robin Main Event, Santa vs Iron-Man, And more.....

The World was shocked when Chuck Norris was revealed as the man who took out Superman. As a result, "The Ultimate Dream Match" is now set for Blood, Sweat & Tears III. We expect to hear from Superman on Clash 44. How will this story unfold? However it ends, this match will likely go down as one of the greatest fights in the world.

The Blood, Sweat & Tears III Main Event is now official. It will be The Ultimate 4-Way between InuYasha, Spider-Man, Ichigo Kurosaki & Homer Simpson all batling for The SCAW Championship. All 4 will be looking for momentum going into the big event. What kind of impact wil they make on Clash 44?

The SCAW Tag Team Championship will also be on the line. Shaq & LeBron defend as Former Tag Champions Optimus Prime & The Gladiator will cash in their rematch clause, in hopes of becoming the First Team in SCAW to ever hold the titles 3 Times.

Also scheduled is Captain America vs Kobe Bryant.

  • Tag Team Championship - YuYu Hakusho defeated Shaquille O'Neal & LeBron James (c)
    • Optimus Prime & Gladiator challenge Yu Yu Hakusho for the titles later in the night.
  • Captain America vs Kobe Bryant was contest
    • David Beckham and The Punisher attack Kobe and Cap respectively.
  • Non Title Match - Santa Claus defeated Iron Man (Internet Champion)
    • M. Bison distracted Iron Man.
  • Harry Potter & The Prince of Persia defeated The Green Lantern & The White Ranger
    • Ghost Rider and Guile attack Potter and Prince.
  • Tag Team Championship - Optimus Prime & The Gladiator defeated Yu Yu Hakusho (c)
  • Batman defeated Robin by Disqualification
    • The Joker attacked Batman.
45 August 27 Last Show before Blood, Sweat & Tears III.

Matches Confirmed:

Spider-Man vs Ichigo Kurosaki

Captain America, Iron-Man & David Beckham vs Santa Claus, M. Bison & Kobe Bryant

Last Man Standing: Batman vs The Joker

Abraham Lincoln vs The Prince of Persia

InuYasha vs Homer Simpson

Also: Ivan Drago will Guest Host Talkin' Tough

Chuck Norris will be in attendance

  • Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Spider-Man
  • 3-on-3 Tag Team Match - Iron Man, Captain America & David Beckham vs M. Bison, Kobe Bryant & Santa Claus ends in chaos, the match is thrown out.
  • Last Man Standing Match - Batman vs The Joker match was a draw
    • Robin was the special referee of the match.
  • The Prince of Persia vs Abraham Lincoln ends in double countout
  • Non Title Match - Inuyasha (SCAW Champion) defeated Homer Simpson
    • Ichigo attacks both men, but Spider-Man comes out in his red and blue outfit and attacks Ichigo.
46 October 17 SCAW Championship - TLC Rules Match: Spider-Man © vs InuYasha

SCAW Internet Championship: Iron-Man © vs Guile

NBA Icons Match: Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James

SCAW Zero-One Championship: Green Lantern © vs Four Former Zero-One Champions

SCAW Tag Team Championship: Jay & Silent Bob © vs Freakazoid & A Partner of His Choosing

  • Internet Championship - Iron Man (c) defeated Guile
  • Kobe Bryant defeated LeBron James
  • Five-Man Elimination Match for the Zero-One Championship - Ryu Hayabusa defeated The Green Lantern (c), Robin, The Prince of Persia and The White Ranger
  • Tag Team Championship - Jay & Silent Bob (c) defeated Freakazoid & Nacho
  • SCAW Championship - Spider Man (c) defeated Inuyasha
    • Inuyasha is assaulted by Ichigo Kurosaki, Yusuke Urameshi, Kuwabara and Edward Elric.
47 October 25 Spider-Man's Title Challenger at the next CPV will be revealed at the end of tonight's program.

Confirmed Matches:

Non Title Match: SCAW Champion Spider-Man vs Captain Jack Sparrow

Ghost Rider vs Harry Potter

Robin vs Green Lantern

Optimus Prime & The Gladiator vs Shaquille O' Neal & Lebron James

He-Man's In Ring Debut

  • The Green Lantern defeated Robin
  • Optimus Prime & The Gladiator defeated Shaquille O'Neal & LeBron James
  • He-Man defeated Max Payne
  • Harry Potter defeated Ghost Rider
    • Potter takes Ghost Rider's head flames.
  • Non Title Match - Spider Man (SCAW champion) defeated Jack Sparrow
    • Batman and The Joker attempt to attack Spider-Man, but Homer Simpson stops them. Captain America announces Homer vs Spider-Man for the SCAW Championship at To Hell and Back.
48 November 3 On Superstar Clash 48, GM Captain AMerica will make some big announcements, plus InuYasha retuens. How will he react to what happened the last time we saw him.

Matches Anounced For SCAW Superstar Clash 48.

Rematch from SCAW's To Hell & Back 2008: Homer Simpson vs The Joker

The Road To Hell: 6-Man Elimination Match. Last Two Remaining will face off at To Hell & Back to Determine Future #1 Contender To The SCAW Championship: Guile vs Iron-Man vs Green Lantern vs Santa Claus vs Kobe Bryant vs Harry Potter

Triple Threat Match For The SCAW Zero-One Championship: Ryu Hayabusa (Champion) vs The Prince of Persia vs Robin (Was scheduled for Green Lantern to challenge, but since he is participating in The Road To Hell, He has decided to wait to cash in his rematch)

Epic Main Event NoDQ Rules Match: Spider-Man vs Batman

All this, and a whole lot more....

  • Homer Simpson defeated The Joker
    • Hellboy declares his intentions to send The Joker to hell.
  • Triple Threat Match for the Zero-One Championship - Ryu Hayabusa (c) defeated Robin and The Prince of Persia
  • The Road To Hell: 5-Man Elimination Match. Last Two Remaining will face off at To Hell & Back to Determine #1 Contender to the SCAW Championship - Guile and Santa Claus def. Green Lantern, Harry Potter and Kobe Bryant
    • Iron Man (the sixth participant) and Homer Simpson were assaulted backstage by Batman and Jack Sparrow.
  • Non Title No Disqualification Match - Spider Man (SCAW champion) defeated Batman
    • Jack Sparrow and The Hulk attack Spider-Man.
49 November 14 No one expected The Hulk to make his return to SCAW last week, but return he did, and Spider-Man joined Home Simpson & Iron-Man in being assaulted. How will the assaulted react to the beating they received? More importantly, what do Sparrow, Batman, Hulk and others have in store for their enemies? Even more so, with Spiderman & Homer Simpson will facing off not in a 30 min Iron Man match for the SCAW Championship at To Hell & Back, will either superstar have an upper hand going into the Mega Event. We hope to learn more this week.

Also: Hellboy revealed his next target to send to hell. THE JOKER!!! Hellboy has a reputation of sending the most sinful superstars to hell and The Joker may be next. Will The Joker find a way out? How will he respond? What mind games do these two have have in store for each other? On Clash 48, Ryu Hayabusa defied the odds and continues his reign as Zero-One Champion. What challenge will he face next?

Matches Confirmed for the show:

He-Man vs Max Payne

Santa Claus vs Green Lantern

6-Man Tag Team Match: The Anime Evolution (Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara & Edward Elric) vs Freakazoid & XXX

  • Six Man Tag Team Match - Edward Elric & Yu Yu Hakusho defeated Freakazoid & xXx
  • Non Title Match - Iron Man (Internet champion) defeated Jack Sparrow
  • Santa Claus defeated The Green Lantern
  • He-Man defeated Max Payne by Disqualification
    • Max used a steel chair.
  • Homer Simpson vs The Hulk is thrown out
    • Spider-Man attacked them both.
50 December 7 SCAW Championship: Spider-Man © vs Santa Claus

Last Man Standing Match: InuYasha vs Ichigo Kurosaki

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship: Jay & Silent Bob © vs Yusuke & Kuwabara vs Optimus Maximus

Guile vs Harry Potter

Iron-Man vs Robin

Also The Return of Talkin' Tough with Mr T.

  • Robin defeated Iron Man
  • Harry Potter defeated Guile
  • Last Man Standing Match - Inuyasha vs. Ichigo Kurosaki was a draw
  • Triple Team Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship - YuYu Hakusho defeated Jay & Silent Bob (c) and Optimus Prime & The Gladiator
  • SCAW Championship - Santa Claus defeated Spider-Man (c) by Countout
    • Superman came to the rescue.
51 December 14 Iron-Man vs Hellboy

Homer Simpson & Guile vs Prince of Persia & Harry Potter

Non Title Match: SCAW Zero-One Champion Ryu Hayabusa vs The White Ranger

He-Man vs David Beckham

Edward Elric vs Nacho Libre

Plus We expect to hear from Superman in regard to his return last week.

  • Iron Man defeated Hellboy
    • Batman and The Joker attacked them both.
  • Edward Elric defeated Nacho
    • Yusuke Urameshi distracted Nacho.
  • Non Title Match - Ryu Hayabusa (Zero-One champion) defeated The White Ranger
  • The Prince of Persia & Harry Potter defeated Homer Simpson & Guile
    • Potter and Darth Vader attacked Guile outside the ring.
  • He-Man defeated David Beckham
  • He-Man defeated Kobe Bryant
    • Kobe challenged He-Man next episode but He-Man didn't wanted to wait.
52 December 21 Superman vs Santa Claus

Batman & Joker vs Hellboy & Iron Man

SCAW Tag Team Championship: Yusuke & Kuwabara © vs Jay & Silent Bob

Mr Clean vs Jack Sparrow

  • Batman & The Joker defeated Iron Man & Hellboy
    • All 4 men as well as Robin will be in a battle royal for the Internet title at Dark December.
  • Mr. Clean defeated Jack Sparrow (with The Hulk) by Disqualification
  • Tag Team Championship - YuYu Hakusho (c) (with Edward Elric) defeated Jay & Silent Bob
  • Ryu Hayabusa & The Green Lantern defeated Dos Hombres
  • Superman defeated Santa Claus by Disqualification
    • Spider-Man comes to Superman's aid, but to no avail.

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