Ep./Date Matches
1 (8/16)
2 (8/30)
3 (9/6)
  • Santa Claus and InuYasha fought to a Double Countout
  • Freakazoid defeated Two-Face
  • Ghost Rider defeated Jimmy King via disqualification
  • Johnny Cage defeated The Gladiator
  • M. Bison defeated Guile
4 (9/13)
  • The Underachievers (Bart Simpson & Milhouse) defeated Batman & Robin
  • Zero-One Championship - Ryu Hayabusa (c) defeated The Flash
  • Burger King vs Jimmy King ended when both men attacked guest referee Ghost Rider
  • Non Title match - Spider-Man (SCAW champion) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
5 (9/20)
  • Six Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for an SCAW title Match in the main event - Darth Vader defeated Freakazoid, Ichigo Kurosaki, Batman, Robin and Wolverine
    • The Joker, Krusty & Zod were attacked by Guile & Colossus. InuYasha and Santa Claus brawled.
  • Extreme Rules Match - Shaquille O' Neal defeated Kobe Bryant
  • Internet Championship - Homer Simpson (c) defeated Johnny Cage via disqualification
  • SCAW Championship - Spider Man (c) defeated Darth Vader.
6 (9/27)
  • No Disqualification Match for the Internet Championship - Homer Simpson (c) defeated Johnny Cage
  • Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Santa Claus
  • Robin defeated Nacho
  • Zod defeated The Gladiator
  • M. Bison & Darth Vader defeated Spider-Man & Captain America.
7 (10/18)
  • SCAW Tag Team Championship - The Underachievers defeated Jay & Silent Bob (c)
  • Gene Simmons defeated Kobe Bryant
  • Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Homer Simpson
  • Final Encounter No Rules Match - Guile defeated The Joker
8 (10/25) All the matches are Qualifiers for the SCAW Championship Elimination Chamber match at Internal Conflict 2007.
  • InuYasha defeated Ghost Rider
  • Guile defeated Johnny Cage
  • Santa Claus defeated Darth Vader defeated by disqualification
  • M. Bison defeated Shaquille O'Neal
  • Batman defeated Captain America
9 (11/1)
  • Zero-One Championship - Batman (c) defeated Ryu Hayabusa
  • Gene Simmons defeated Two-Face
  • Colossus vs Zod ends in a No Contest
    • Sandman attacks both men.
  • Tag Team Championship - The X-Men (Cyclops & Wolverine) defeated The Underachievers (c)
  • Iron-Man Exhibition between Ichigo Kurosaki & The Gladiator
  • Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match - Inuyasha, M. Bison & Darth Vader defeated Santa Claus, Guile & Captain America
10 (12/18)
  • Spider-Man defeated Batman via disqualification
  • Six Man Tag Team Match - The X-Men (Wolverine, Cyclops & Colossus) defeated Darth Vader, M. Bison & Sandman
  • Gene Simmons & Freakazoid defeated Ichigo Kurosaki & The Joker
  • InuYasha defeated Santa Claus

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