Spring Showdown 2017
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June 25, 2017


Wells Fargo Arena


Des Moines, IA

Theme Song

"These Bones" by Stereoside


WinterSlam 2017


To Hell And Back 2017

Spring Showdown 2017 is the 66th CPV produced by SCAW. It is the eighth in the chronology since 2014. It aired from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa on June 25, 2017. 

Ten matches took place, with one in the preshow. Superman, Thor, and Dante wrestled in a Triple Threat match for an SCAW Championship shot at the Ten Year SCAW Anniversary, in the main event.




Drax the Destroyer pinned Cole MacGrath after 2 Destroyer Bombs.

Doctor Doom returned but Inuyasha attacked him.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Ryu Hayabusa defeated Liu Kang, Mr. Clean, Yusuke Urameshi, King and Kenshin Himura in an Ultimate Zero-One match to win the vacant SCAW Zero-One Championship for the third time. Kenshin was close to getting the belt but King threw a ladder at him and giving Ryu Hayabusa the win. After the match, Liu Kang and Mr. Clean took out Yusuke by a crossbody dive through the commentary table and Mr. Clean hitting a Cleaning Press off the top of a ladder.

Jin Kazama pinned Deadpool after hitting him with a steel chair to win the SCAW Internet Championship.

Ichigo Kurosaki pinned The Prince of Persia after the Soul Reaper to retain the SCAW Legends Championship

Captain America and Iron Man confronted each other in the ring. Then they brawled onto each other until Captain America made Iron Man tap out to the Ankle Lock at ringside.

Ukyo Kuonji & Shampoo defeated Chun-Li & Lara Croft in a tag team match. Shampoo pinned Chun-Li after a Running Kick to the Head.

Captain America and Iron Man will have their rematch at the Ten Year SCAW Anniversary.

Spider-Man pinned Tommy Vercetti after the Five Star Spider Splash.

A promo of Doctor Strange was shown.

Edward Elric made Albert Wesker submit with a Cross Armbreaker. Hellboy and Elric stare down each other.

Batman pinned Shazam after the Bat Bottom to retain the SCAW Championship.

Avril Lavigne pinned Amy Lee after the Chick Kick to win a Full Metal Mayhem Match.

Main eventEdit

Superman defeated Thor and Dante in a Triple Threat match to get a SCAW championship shot at the Ten Year SCAW Anniversary. Superman pinned Thor after the S-5.

Results Edit

# Match Stipulation
1P Drax the Destroyer defeated Cole MacGrath Singles match
2 Ryu Hayabusa defeated Liu Kang, King, Kenshin Himura, Mr. Clean and Yusuke Urameshi Ultimate Zero-One Match for the vacant SCAW Zero-One Championship
3 Jin Kazama defeated Deadpool (champion) Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
4 Ichigo Kurosaki (champion) defeated The Prince of Persia Singles Match for the SCAW Legends Championship
5 Ukyo Kuonji & Shampoo defeated Chun-Li & Lara Croft Tag Team Match
6 Spider-Man defeated Tommy Vercetti Singles Match
7 Edward Elric defeated Albert Wesker Singles Match
8 Batman (champion) defeated Shazam Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
9 Avril Lavigne defeated Amy Lee Full Metal Mayhem Match
10 Superman defeated Thor and Dante Triple Threat SCAW Championship #1 Contender Match
P - indicates the match was on the Preshow