Spring Showdown 2009


May, 17 2009


Nationwide Arena


Columbus, OH



Theme Song

"Simplest Mistake" by Seether


Day of Destiny 2009


No Guts No Glory 2009

Spring Showdown 2009 was the second CAW wrestling click-per-view event of its name produced by SCAW Superstars of CAW. It took place on May 17, 2009 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

Eight matches were contested, with one in the pre show. Ichigo Kurosaki and Superman wrestled for the SCAW Championship in the main event.

The Card

The Ultimate Showdown for the SCAW Championship:
Ichigo Kurosaki (c) vs. Superman

Guile vs. Ghost Rider - Special Referee: Captain America

Grudge Match:
Spider-Man vs. Hellboy

Extreme Rules:
Homer Simpson vs. M. Bison; If Homer Simpson Loses, He is Fired.

The Joker vs. The Joker

SCAW Internet Championship:
Santa Claus (c) vs. Iron Man

Challenge by Darth Vader: Vader has challenged Inuyasha to show his face at Spring Showdown, so Darth Vader can Finish Him Off.


# Result Stipulation
1P The Thing & Freakazoid defeated The Gladiator & Optimus Prime (c) Tag Team Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
2 Iron Man defeated Santa Claus (c) Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
3 The Prince of Persia (c) defeated The White Ranger and The Green Lantern Triple Threat Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
4 Classic Joker defeated New Joker Singles Match
5 Homer Simpson defeated M. Bison Extreme Rules Match; If Homer loses, he's fired.
6 Ghost Rider defeated Guile Singles Match (with Captain America as the special referee)
7 Hellboy defeated Spider-Man Singles Match
8 Ichigo Kurosaki (c) defeated Superman Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P - indicates the match was in the Preshow
  • 3 - During the match, several impostor Jokers interfered.
  • 4 - Despite winning, Homer was fired anyway. He attacked George W. Bush.
  • 5 - Captain America's attacker was revealed to be The Punisher.
  • 6 - The Hulk attacked Spider-Man and Mr. Clean.


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