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Superstars of CAW is an online fantasy wrestling league

SCAW: Superstars of CAW is an online YouTube CAW Fed created and run by Lonestarr022. It made it's debut on June 29, 2007.

How SCAW Got Its Start

SCAW was created by Lonestarr022 in 2007. The creator had been influenced by already existing CAW Leagues, such as NoDQ CAW, SMF, ACWL, and others, and was inspired to create his own league. Using The Playstation 2 Game WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2006, Lonestarr022 gathered a collection of CAWs and formed a 32 Man Tournament that would be know as The SCAW Tournament. The first match took place on June 29, 2007 with Guile defeating Ryu Hayabusa. The Tournament ended at SCAW's first Mega Event, Blood, Sweat & Tears, with Spider-Man defeating M. Bison in the Final match to become the first SCAW Champion. SCAW is currently one of the top recognized active CAW leagues on youtube today.

Male wrestlers

Ring Name Real Name Notes
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Interim SCAW President
Albert Wesker Albert Wesker
Anakin Anakin Skywalker
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger SCAW Chief Operating Officer
Brian Urlacher Brian Urlacher
Burger King Burger King
Captain America Inactive; retired (kayfabe)
Captain Marvel
Chuck Norris Chuck Norris
Doctor Doom Victor von Doom
Edward Elric Edward Elric SCAW Champion
Freakazoid Dexter Douglas
Gambit Remy LeBeau
Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Guile SCAW General Manager
The Gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius
Homer Simpson Homer Simpson SCAW Tag Team Champion
The Hulk Bruce Banner
Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki
Iron-Man Anthony Stark
Ivan Drago Ivan Drago
Jack Sparrow Jack Sparrow
Jay Jason Mewes
Jean-Luc Picard Jean-Luc Picard SCAW Hardcore Champion
Jin Kazama Jin Kazama
The Joker
Kazuma Kuwabara Kazuma Kuwabara
King SCAW Internet Champion
LeBron James LeBron James
Liu Kang Liu Kang SCAW Zero-One Champion
M. Bison
Magneto Erik Lensherr
Mr. Clean
Nacho Ignacio Inactive; hasn't appeared in over 90 days
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime
Piccolo Piccolo
The Prince of Persia
Red Hood Jason Todd
Ryu Hayabusa Ryu Hayabusa Inactive; ACL Tear
Santa Claus
SIlent Bob
Spider-Man SCAW Tag Team Champion
Superman Kal El SCAW Legends Champion
Thor Thor Odinson
The White Ranger Thomas Oliver
Yusuke Urameshi Yusuke Urameshi

Current Champions

Title Who How When
SCAW Championship Edward Elric def. The Prince of Persia Blood, Sweat & Tears VII
SCAW Legends Championship Superman def. Ghost Rider Blood, Sweat & Tears VII
SCAW Internet Championship King def. InuYasha Superstar Clash 133
SCAW Zero-One Championship Liu Kang def. Dante Superstar Clash 138
SCAW Hardcore Championship Jean-Luc Picard def. Jack Sparrow, Jin Kazama, Doctor Doom and Gambit in a Hardcore Scramble match After Shock 2014
SCAW Tag Team Championship Homer Simpson & Spider-Man def. Magneto & M. Bison in a TLC match Blood, Sweat & Tears VII
SCAW Women's Championship Avril Lavigne def. Rayne Blood, Sweat & Tears VII

Where to find SCAW: Superstars of CAW

Various SCAW shows and Superstar Clash episodes have also appeared on youtube, and on Dailymotion. In January 2009, Lonestarr022 refused to post his show on YouTube in protest to The Youtube/WMG dispute which muted several videos when superstars used WMG music as an entrance theme. This boycott ended in late February when he returned to posting the show. In June 2009, Lonestarr022 closed & re-opened his youtube account and refused to post his show for several months in protest to issues with Youtube's policies. He returned to posting his show right before Blood, Sweat & Tears III. On May 6, 2011, Lonestarr022's YouTube page was suspended due to false copyright claims. He has been posting his show on since then.

Regular SCAW programs

SCAW Superstar Clash is a often weekly show, with new episodes taking place almost every week. The first show debuted August 16, 2007. Usually 3 or 4 shows take place between Mega Events. The show began initially debuting on Thursdays, but now often will appear on any day of the week.

SCAW Action Show debuted in 2013 and usually features one match.


Non CPV specials

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