Superstar clash 2017

SCAW Superstar Clash is a weekly CAW show produced by SCAW: Superstars of CAW. The show takes place usually on Thursdays, and premiers usually on YouTube or other places. The show began in August 2007.

Year Date Episodes
Superstar Clash 2007 Results August 16-December 18 1-10
Superstar Clash 2008 Results January 31-December 11 11-30
Superstar Clash 2009 Results ???-December 21 31-52
Superstar Clash 2010 Results January 27-December 7 53-74
Superstar Clash 2011 Results January 21-December 26 75-98
Superstar Clash 2012 Results March 14-December 27 99-115
Superstar Clash 2013 Results February 11-December 30 116-135
Superstar Clash 2014 Results February 28-December 21 136-157
Superstar Clash 2015 Results January 14-December 21 158-176
Superstar Clash 2016 Results February 5-December 22 177-191
Superstar Clash 2017 Results February 12-TBD 192-TBD

??? - Episodes 34 to 40 are missing.

Theme songs Edit

  • "There and Back Again" by Daughtry
  • "No Way Back" by Foo Fighters
  • "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring
  • "Survive" by Sick Puppies
  • "The Sound (John M. Hopkins' Blues)" by Switchfoot
  • "Let It Roll" by Divide the Day
  • "Revolution" by Pennywise
  • "Thorn In Your Eye" by Anthrax (RAW is WAR Edit)
  • "Bourne to Win" by Mutiny Within
  • "The Collapse" by Adelitas Way (CURRENT)

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