The SCAW International Cup Tournament was a special tournament in 2013 that feature wrestlers from all over the World competing in to fight for a trophy.

The tournament matches happened in SCAW Superstar Clash episodes 116-127 from February 11 to August 31, 2013. The final took place at The Great American Smash 2013.

Rather than elimination rules, points are awarded depending on how a match ends. Pinfall is 7 points, submission is 10 points, count out is 5 points and disqualification is 3 points (the one who gets disqualified is deducted 5 points.

The participants were Captain Marvel (United States), David Beckham (Britain), The Gladiator (Europe), Ivan Drago (Russia), Jack Sparrow (Caribbean), King (Mexico), Liu Kang (China) and Ryu Hayabusa (Japan).


First RoundEdit

Jack Sparrow pinned King after the Pirate's Plunge.

Liu Kang pinned The Gladiator with a small package. Gladiator continued his attack afterwards.

Captain Marvel pinned Ryu Hayabusa after the Marvelocity.

Ivan Drago defeated David Beckham by count out.

Second RoundEdit

Captain Marvel pinned Liu Kang after the Marvelocity. The Gladiator and The Prince of Persia attacked Liu Kang. The Prince puts the SCAW Championship against Captain America to Hell in a Cell at Spring Showdown 2013.

King pinned David Beckham after the Tek Buster.

Ivan Drago made Jack Sparrow submit to the Dragon Sleeper.

The Gladiator made Ryu Hayabusa submit to the Roman Conquest.

Third Round and finalsEdit

Jack Sparrow was disqualified for hitting David Beckham with a steel chair. Sparrow loses 5 points and drops to 2.

Liu Kang vs. Ryu Hayabusa was a double count out.

King made Ivan Drago submit to the Mexican Surfboard.

The Gladiator pinned Captain Marvel after the Maximus Decimator. Homer Simpson attacked Gladiator. The Prince of Persia attacked him in turn.

The Gladiator pinned King after the Maximus Decimator. King put him through the announce table.


# Date Results Outcome Points
First Round
1 February 11 Jack Sparrow defeated King pinfall 7
2 February 20 Liu Kang defeated The Gladiator pinfall 7
3 March 12 Captain Marvel defeated Ryu Hayabusa pinfall 7
4 April 20 Ivan Drago defeated David Beckham count out 5
Second Round
5 May 2 Captain Marvel defeated Liu Kang pinfall 14
6 May 16 King defeated David Beckham pinfall 7
7 May 25 Ivan Drago defeated Jack Sparrow submission 15
8 June 23 The Gladiator defeated Ryu Hayabusa submission 10
Third Round
9 July 14 David Beckham defeated Jack Sparrow disqualification 3
10 July 27 Liu Kang vs. Ryu Hayabusa was a draw double count out 0
11 August 22 King defeated Ivan Drago submission 17
12 August 31 The Gladiator defeated Captain Marvel pinfall 17
13 September 15 The Gladiator defeated King pinfall

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