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Home of the Match of Destiny, SCAW's equivalent of the Royal Rumble. Winner challenges for the SCAW title.

Year Date Co-Main Event Stipulation
2008 3/30 Guile (c) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki SCAW Championship
2009 4/5 Ichigo Kurosaki (c) vs. InuYasha SCAW Championship
2010 5/9 Batman vs. Hellboy Buried Alive Match
2011 4/17 Ghost Rider (c) vs. The Green Lantern SCAW Championship
2012 6/17 The Joker (c) vs. Batman SCAW Championship
2013 8/11 The Prince of Persia (c) vs. Spider-Man TLC Match for the SCAW Championship
2014 12/31 Edward Elric (c) vs. The Yellow Lantern Hell In A Cell Match for the SCAW Championship

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