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Ascendance is a CAW wrestling click-per-view (CPV) event, produced by CAW wrestling promotion SCAW.

The first Ascendance was notable for having the SCAW Championship, the SCAW Internet Championship and the SCAW Zero-One Championship defended in three Elimination Chamber matches which is the most SCAW has used in a single event.

Ascendance has hosted the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals of the SCAW Tournament since 2010. The winner gets a shot at the SCAW championship at SCAW Blood, Sweat & Tears.

The event transitioned to the WWE2K era in 2015.

Title Date Venue Scheduled Main Event
Ascendance 2009 February 27, 2009 FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee Homer Simpson (c) vs. Guile vs. Santa Claus vs. Captain America vs. Inuyasha vs. TBD in an Elimination Chamber Match for the SCAW Championship
Ascendance 2010 August 22, 2010 Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada The Green Lantern (c) vs. Homer Simpson for the SCAW Championship
Ascendance 2011 September 7, 2011 TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts Anakin vs. The Joker in the 2011 SCAW Tournament Finals match
Ascendance 2012 September 6, 2012 Staples Center in Los Angeles, California The Prince of Persia vs. Edward Elric in the 2012 SCAW Tournament Finals Match
Ascendance 2013 November 19, 2013 Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana Santa Claus (c) vs. The Prince of Persia vs. Homer Simpson in a Triple Threat Match for the SCAW Championship
Ascendance 2015 April 15, 2015 Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada Hellboy vs. Dante in the 2015 SCAW Tournament Finals Match
Ascendance 2016 October 9, 2016 Amway Center in Orlando, Florida Captain Marvel (c) vs. Spider-Man in a TLC Match for the SCAW Championship

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