Featuring Second Round Matches in The SCAW Tournament and More. Occured from August 24-26.


Night 1Edit

Chuck Norris said Captain America will face the winner of a triple threat match involving Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and Homer Simpson

All the matches are 2012 SCAW Tournament second round matches.

Guile pinned Harry Potter after a top rope Sonic Boom.

The Gladiator pinned Hellboy after a Maximus Decimator.

Fred Durst interviewed Anakin.

Batman attacked The Joker and he in turn was attacked by Homer Simpson

Kent Brockman interviewed Captain Marvel.

Inuyasha pinned He-Man after a Full Fledged Demon Bomb.

Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger talked backstage.

Magneto pinned Iron Man after a Shockwave. M. Bison distracted Iron Man.

Night 2Edit

The next three matches are Tournament second round matches.

The Hulk was disqualified against Doctor Doom for attacking the referee.

The Prince of Persia pinned Liu Kang after a Greetings from Persia.

King pinned Mick Thomson with a roll up.

Ghost Rider defeated Spider-Man and Homer Simpson in a Triple Threat Match by pinning Homer after The Joker attacked him.

Night 3Edit

Spider-Man pinned Batman with a victory roll.

Homer Simpson pinned The Joker with a Springfield Splash.

Edward Elric made Yusuke Urameshi submit to a Soul Binding to win the final Tournament second round matches.

SCAW champion Captain America pinned Ghost Rider after an All American Splash to win a non title match. All participants in the Six Pack Elimination Challenge at Ascendance 2012 brawled.


# Results Stipulations
Night 1
1 Guile defeated Harry Potter 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
2 The Gladiator defeated Hellboy 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
3 Inuyasha defeated He-Man 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
4 Magneto defeated Iron Man 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
Night 2
5 Doctor Doom defeated The Hulk by disqualification 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
6 The Prince of Persia defeated Liu Kang 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
7 King defeated Mick Thomson 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
8 Ghost Rider defeated Spider-Man and Homer Simpson Triple Threat Match to face Captain America on Night 3
Night 3
9 Spider-Man defeated Batman Singles Match
10 Homer Simpson defeated The Joker Singles Match
11 Edward Elric defeated Yusuke Urameshi 2012 SCAW Tournament 2nd Round Match
12 Captain America (SCAW Champion) defeated Ghost Rider Non-Title Singles Match

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