Red Hood
Screenshot 2015-07-14-03-42-26-1

Year/Event debuted

Superstar Clash 116 (February 11, 2013)

Championships earned

SCAW Tag Team Championship



The Red Hood is an alias used by multiple fictional characters and a criminal organization appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Jason Todd, the second Robin, assumes the Red Hood identity in current DC Comics continuity.



Championships Reign Date Event Notes Days held
SCAW Tag Team Championship (with Batman1 September 15, 2013 The Great American Smash 2013 defeated Magneto & M. Bison 78
  • ¹ - Lost the titles back to Magneto & Bison at Superstar Clash 132 when The Hulk attacked and incapacitated Red Hood so Batman was forced to defend the titles in a handicap match.

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