One Year SCAW Anniversary



Two Year SCAW Anniversary


June 29, 2008

From 6/29/08

Aired after the first round of the 2008 SCAW Tournament.

Seven matches took place. Spider-Man and Captain America wrestled for the SCAW Championship in the main event.



Preliminary matchesEdit

Inuyasha pinned M. Bison after the Full Fledged Demon Bomb through a table to win an Extreme Rules match.

Darth Vader eliminated Iron Man last to win a 20 man over the top rope Battle Royal.

Jay & Silent Bob defeated The X-Men (Cyclops & Wolverine) and The Underachievers (Bart Simpson & Milhouse) in a SCAW Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Ladder Match. Jay pulled down the contract to win.

Santa Claus defeated The Joker by disqualification, but Joker retains the SCAW Internet Championship. Zod attacked Santa.

Mr. Clean defeated The Green Lantern to win the SCAW Zero-One Championship. Michael Myers distracted Green Lantern allowing Mr. Clean to pin him with a schoolboy.

Robin defeated Batman in Steel Cage match by escape.

Main eventEdit

Spider-Man pinned Captain America after the Five Star Spider Splash to retain the SCAW Championship. Guile challenged Spider-Man to Hell In A Cell at No Guts No Glory 2008.


# Results Stipulations
1 Inuyasha defeated M. Bison Extreme Rules Match
2 Darth Vader is the winner 20-CAW Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
3 Jay & Silent Bob defeated The X-Men (Cyclops & Wolverine) and The Underachievers (Bart Simpson & Milhouse) Ladder Match for an SCAW Tag Team Championship shot at No Guts No Glory 2008
4 Santa Claus defeated The Joker (champion) by Disqualification Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
5 Mr. Clean defeated The Green Lantern (champion) Singles Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
6 Robin defeated Batman Steel Cage Match
7 Spider-Man (champion) defeated Captain America Singles Match for the SCAW Championship

Battle RoyalEdit

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Eliminations
1 Thor 2 Ghost Rider and Shaq 1
2 Michael Jordan¹ 4 Iron Man and Shaq 1
3 Ghost Rider 6 Iron Man 2
4 Iron Man 19 Darth Vader 8
5 Shaquille O'Neal 9 Iron Man and Rhino 2
6 Freakazoid 1 Thor and Jordan 0
7 Dennis Rodman 8 Rhino 0
8 Nacho 3 Ghost Rider 0
9 Ichigo Kurosaki 17 Homer 4
10 Mr. T¹ 5 Iron Man and Ichigo 0
11 The Gladiator 7 Rhino 0
12 Rhino² 11 Iron Man 3
13 Gene Simmons 12 Iron Man 0
14 Billy Madison 13 Ichigo 0
15 The Thing 10 Ichigo 0
16 Ryu Hayabusa 14 Homer 0
17 Darth Vader WINNER 1
18 Homer Simpson 18 Iron Man 3
19 Prince of Persia 15 Homer 0
20 Optimus Prime 16 Iron Man and Ichigo 0
  • ¹ - Michael Jordan and Mr. T attacked David Beckham and Kobe Bryant and took their places before the match.
  • ² - Rhino attacked Colossus to steal his spot during the match. They brawled backstage afterward.