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The Money in the Bank ladder match (sometimes abbreviated as MITB) is a ladder match held by the Caw wrestling promotion SCAW. At first contested at SCAW E-Extravaganza from 2008 to 2013, it is now contested at SCAW Blood, Sweat & Tears starting at 2015. The prize in the match is a briefcase containing a contract for an SCAW Championship match, which can be "cashed in" by the holder of the briefcase at any point in the year following his victory.


The Money in the Bank ladder match features 6 participants, with the objective being to retrieve a briefcase that is suspended 20 feet above the ring. The briefcase contains a contract that guarantees a match for the SCAW Championship. The primary gimmick of the Money in the Bank (or MitB, for short) briefcase is that it can be cashed in at the holder's sole discretion, at literally any time on any SCAW programming. This enables the holder to take advantage of a moment's weakness in the champion, even if the Champion had just finished a title defense for the night.

Winner Event Date Outcome
Captain America E-Extravaganza 2008 January 16, 2008 lost his shot to Mr. Clean at Day of Destiny 2008. Mr. Clean then gave the MITB to Spider-Man who used it to defeat Guile at Spring Showdown 2008.
Ichigo Kurosaki E-Extravaganza 2009 January 11, 2009 defeated Inuyasha at Ascendance 2009.
Green Lantern E-Extravaganza 2010 January 17, 2010 defeated Iron Man at the Three Year SCAW Anniversary.
Ghost Rider E-Extravaganza 2011 January 9, 2011 defeated Green Lantern at Internal Conflict 2011.
The Joker E-Extravaganza 2012 February 4, 2012 defeated Anakin at superstar Clash 100.
Santa Claus E-Extravaganza 2013 January 31, 2013 defeated Prince of Persia at The Great American Smash 2013.
Captain Marvel Blood, Sweat & Tears 8 June 22, 2015 defeated Spider-Man at Summer Brawl 2016.
The Gladiator Blood, Sweat & Tears IX January 15, 2017

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