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Year/Event debuted

2007 SCAW Tournament

Championships earned

SCAW Championship (2x)
SCAW Internet Championship



Inuyasha (犬夜叉) is the male protagonist and titular character of Rumiko Takahashi's manga series Inuyasha and its anime adaptation. Inuyasha is a hybrid of human and yokkai who first appears sealed to a tree in the feudal world. When a girl named Kagome Higurashi is being chased by a yokkai, Inuyasha convinces her to free him so that he might eliminate the enemy. Despite initially distrusting Kagome, Inuyasha joins forces with her to search for the shards of The Jewel of Four Souls which increase a yokkai's powers. Although Inuyasha first aims to become a full demon using the Jewel, as the story progresses he develops strong bonds with the comrades who aid him.



Championships Reign Date Event Notes
SCAW Championship 1 February 27, 2009 Ascendance 2009 defeated Homer Simpson, Guile, Santa Claus, M. Bison and Iron Man in an Elimination Chamber Match
SCAW Championship 2 August 6, 2009 Superstar Clash 42 defeated Ichigo Kurosaki


Championships Reign Date Event Notes
SCAW Internet Championship 1 September 15, 2013 The Great American Smash 2013 defeated Mr. Clean

Other achievements


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