Halloween Manik 2014
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November 15, 2014


Joe Louis Arena


Detroit, MI



Theme Song

"Never Surrender" by Evolver


Summer Brawl 2014


Day of Destiny 2014

Halloween Manik 2014 is the 51st cpv produced by SCAW. It is the first in the chronology. It took place on November 15, 2014 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. This is the second cpv hosted in this venue since To Hell And Back 2011

Nine matches took place, with one in the Preshow. Edward Elric and The Yellow Lantern wrestled for the SCAW Championship in the main event.



Thor pinned Jack Sparrow after the Mjolnir through the announce table to retain the SCAW Hardcore Championship.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Captain Marvel pinned King to retain the SCAW Internet Championship after hitting him with the title belt.

He-Man and Optimus Prime joined forces.

Brian Urlacher pinned Gambit after the Urjacker.

Guile announced that the next Superstar Clash will be the first aired from the United Kingdom.

Kenshin Himura made Red Hood submit to the Himura Lock.

Amy Lee, Avril Lavigne & Lara Croft defeated Jill Valentine, Melinda May & Ukyo Kuonji in a Six Woman Tag Team Match. Amy Lee pinned Ukyo after the Breathe No More.

Gene Simmons interviewed Anakin.

Superman made Mr. Clean submit to the Kryptonian Death Lock to retain the SCAW Legends Championship.

Captain America vowed to win the next Match of Destiny.

Hellboy defeated Inuyasha in an Inferno Match.

Ghost Rider & Dante defeated Spider-Man & Homer Simpson in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match to retain the SCAW Tag Team Championship. Dante pulled down the belts to win.

Main eventEdit

The Yellow Lantern pinned Edward Elric after a Cross Body Splash to win the SCAW Championship.

It's however revealed that Harry Potter disguised himself as Elric. The real Elric unmasked him as an imposter. Guile restarted the match.

Edward Elric pinned The Yellow Lantern to retain the SCAW Championship after hitting him with the belt.


# Result Stipulation
1P Thor (c) defeated Jack Sparrow Hardcore Match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship
2 Captain Marvel (c) defeated King Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
3 Brian Urlacher defeated Gambit Singles Match
4 Kenshin Himura defeated Red Hood Singles Match
5 Amy Lee, Avril Lavigne, & Lara Croft defeated Jill Valentine, Melinda May, & Ukyo Kuonji Six Woman Tag Team Match
6 Superman (c) defeated Mr. Clean Singles Match for the SCAW Legends Championship
7 Hellboy defeated Inuyasha Inferno Match
8 Ghost Rider & Dante (c) defeated Spider-Man & Homer Simpson Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
9 Edward Elric (c) defeated The Yellow Lantern Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P - indicates the match was in the Preshow

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