Day of Destiny 2018
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March 31, 2018


Allstate Arena


Chicago, Illinois

Theme Song

"Judas" by Fozzy


Autumn Anarchy 2017


The Great American Smash 2018

Day of Destiny 2018 is the 69th CPV produced by SCAW. It is the ninth in the chronology. This is the third cpv held from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois on March 29, 2018.

Seven matches took place (with one in the preshow). The main event is the 30 Man Match of Destiny for an SCAW Championship shot at The Great American Smash 2018.


The Day of Destiny Preshow will feature a Match. The Angry Video Game Nerd against William Wallace for The SCAW Hardcore Championship!!



This is also episode 76 of SCAW Action.

William Wallace made Angry Video Game Nerd submit with a Sleeper Hold to win the SCAW Hardcore Championship. Avgn's 500 day reign ended and he's now the longest reigning Hardcore champion.

Preliminary matches

Deadpool pinned Jin Kazama to win his second SCAW Internet Championship after hitting him with the title belt.

Amy Lee defeated Avril Lavigne and Chun-Li in a Triple Threat Match to win her third SCAW Women's Championship. Amy made Avril submit.

Shazam accused The Green Lantern of abusing his powers for excluding him from the main event and threatened that he will have him fired on the next SCAW Superstar Clash.

Doctor Strange pinned Harry Potter after the Brainbuster.

The 80s Express (He-Man & Optimus Prime) defeated Dante & Ghost Rider in a Tag Team Match. He-Man pinned Ghost Rider after the Devastation Device.

Thor defeated Captain America and Iron Man in a Triple Threat Match to retain the SCAW Championship. Guile drove Captain America on a Jeep to the ring. Thor made Iron Man submit to the Ragnar-Lock.

Main event

Homer Simpson and Spider-Man were the Match of Destiny's first two entrants.

Gambit returned after an almost three year absence.

Ryu Hayabusa replaced Superman who no showed despite being an advertised participant.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Deathstroke and Ron Burgundy debuted.

Brian Urlacher eliminated Tommy Vercetti last to win and get an SCAW Championship shot at The Great American Smash 2018.


# Match Stipulations
1P William Wallace defeated Angry Video Game Nerd (champion) Hardcore Match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship
2 Deadpool defeated Jin Kazama (champion) Single Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
3 Amy Lee defeated Avril Lavigne (champion) and Chun-Li Triple Threat Match for the SCAW Women's Championship
4 Doctor Strange defeated Harry Potter Single Match
5 He-Man & Optimus Prime defeated Dante & Ghost Rider Tag Team Match
6 Thor (champion) defeated Captain America and Iron Man Triple Threat Match for the SCAW Championship
7 Brian Urlacher is the winner Match of Destiny
P - indicates the match was on the preshow.

Match of Destiny

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Eliminations
1 Homer Simpson 10 Spider-Man 2
2 Spider-Man 15 Edward Elric 4
3 Anakin 6 Solid Snake 1
4 Mr. Clean 2 Homer 0
5 Drax the Destroyer 1 Spider-Man 0
6 Liu Kang 3 Anakin 0
7 Deathstroke 4 Homer 0
8 Albert Wesker 5 Solid Snake 0
9 Solid Snake 7 Ichigo 2
10 Guile 8 Burgundy 0
11 Ron Burgundy 9 Spider-Man 1
12 Ichigo Kurosaki 12 Gambit 2
13 Gambit 13 Hellboy 1
14 Michael Myers 11 Ichigo 0
15 Hellboy 14 Spider-Man 1
16 Ryu Hayabusa 16 Wallace 0
17 Casey Jones 18 Kenshin 0
18 William Wallace 17 AVGN 1
19 Edward Elric 27 Batman 4
20 Angry Video Game Nerd 20 Edward Elric 1
21 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 19 Robin 0
22 Robin 21 Edward Elric 1
23 Kenshin Himura 22 Urlacher 1
24 King 24 Prince of Persia 0
25 Brian Urlacher - WINNER 3
26 Prince of Persia 26 Urlacher 2
27 Jack Sparrow 23 Prince of Persia 0
28 Yusuke Urameshi 25 Edward Elric 0
29 Tommy Vercetti 29 Urlacher 1
30 Batman 28 Vercetti 1