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Day of Destiny 2010
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May 9, 2010


E Center


Salt Lake City, UT

Theme Song

"I Came To Play" by Downstait


Spring Showdown 2010


No Guts No Glory 2010

Day of Destiny 2010 was the third CAW wrestling click-per-view event of its name produced by SCAW. It took place on May 9, 2010 at the E Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seven matches were contested (one match was in the Preshow and one was added at the event). The returning Robin won the Match of Destiny in the main event.



Jay & Silent Bob (accompanied by Lord And Savior) defeated xXx (Vin Diesel & Ice Cube) when Jay pinned Ice Cube after a Clothesline.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Inuyasha pinned Apocalypse after a Full Fledged Demon Bomb.

Captain America, Ghost Rider and Guile have words backstage.

Jack Sparrow and The Incredible Hulk complained to Abraham Lincoln about not being in the Match of Destiny. Lincoln said there is one more spot and they must face each other to get it. Sparrow pinned Hulk after a Pirate's Plunge.

Green Lantern pinned Harry Potter after a Crossbody Splash to win the SCAW Internet Championship.

Avril Lavigne interviewed Superman.

Iron Man pinned Anakin after a Steam Roller to retain the SCAW Championship. Lincoln made himself the referee after the referee got hurt.

Hellboy defeated Batman in a Buried Alive match.

Mr. T interviewed Homer Simpson.

Main EventEdit

Robin won the Match of Destiny by last eliminating Spider-Man.George W. Bush was a guest entrant. Santa Claus went back to his old jolly self. War Machine and Leatherface debuted.


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Jay & Silent Bob (with The Lord And Savior) defeated xXx (Vin Diesel & Ice Cube) Tag Team match
1 Inuyasha defeated Apocalypse Singles match
2 Jack Sparrow defeated The Incredible Hulk Singles match
3 The Green Lantern defeated Harry Potter (c) Singles match for the SCAW Internet Championship
4 Iron Man (c) defeated Anakin Singles match for the SCAW Championship
5 Hellboy defeated Batman Buried Alive match
6 Robin is the winner Match of Destiny

Match of Destiny ResultsEdit

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Eliminations
1 George W. Bush 1 Santa Claus and Ghost Rider 0
2 Santa Claus 3 LeBron and He-Man 1
3 Ghost Rider 6 Optimus Prime 3
4 Kazuma Kuwabara 2 Ghost Rider and Max Payne 0
5 Max Payne 4 Spike and Optimus Prime 1
6 LeBron James 8 Ivan Drago 2
7 Spike 7 Guile 1
8 He-Man 10 Guile 1
9 Optimus Prime 11 Captain America 2
10 Freakazoid 5 Ghost Rider and LeBron 0
11 Guile 17 Captain America and Mick Thomson 3
12 Ivan Drago 9 Optimus Prime 1
13 War Machine 15 Yusuke 0
14 Edward Elric 13 Captain America 0
15 Ryu Hayabusa 12 Guile and Gladiator 0
16 Captain America 24 Robin and Superman 6
17 The Gladiator 16 Zod 2
18 Mick Thomson 18 Captain America 1
19 Shaquille O'Neal 14 Captain America and Gladiator 0
20 Yusuke Urameshi 19 White Ranger and Homer 1
21 Zod 22 Leatherface 2
22 The White Ranger 20 Homer and Robin 1
23 Homer Simpson 28 Robin 3
24 The Prince of Persia 21 Captain America and Zod 0
25 Robin N/A WINNER 5
26 Leatherface 23 Homer and Sparrow 1
27 Superman 26 Robin 1
28 Jack Sparrow 25 Spider-Man 1
29 Spider-Man 29 Robin 2
30 Ichigo Kurosaki 27 Spider-Man 0


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