Day Of Destiny 2008
SCAW 033008


March 30, 2008


Madison Square Garden


New York, NY



Theme Song

"Stand Up For Rock 'N Roll" by Airbourne


Reckless Randomness 2008


Spring Showdown 2008

Day of Destiny 2008 was the sixth cpv produced by SCAW and the first in its chronology. It took place on March 30, 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Six matches took place, with one in the preshow. Captain America won the very first Match of Destiny main event to get an SCAW Championship shot at Spring Showdown 2008.



Michael Myers & Jack Sparrow defeated Michael Jordan & Robocop in a Tag Team Match.

Preliminary matchesEdit

The Green Lantern defeated Johnny Cage, Nacho and Ryu Hayabusa in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match to retain the SCAW Zero-One Championship.

Mr. Clean pinned Captain America after he laid down but another Captain appeared and revealed that the other is an imposter. The match was restarted but the imposter got involved. Mr. Clean pinned the real Captain America after the Clean Press to win his Money in the Bank.

Robin defeated Batman. The Joker interfered. Robin made Batman submit to the Crossface.

Guile pinned Ichigo Kurosaki after the Super Sonic Boom to retain the SCAW Championship.

Main eventEdit

Captain America eliminated M. Bison last to win the Match of Destiny and get an SCAW championship shot at Spring Showdown 2008. Captain America also set the record for longest time spent in the Match of Destiny which is 40:44, a record that is yet to be broken.


# Result Stipulation
1P Michael Myers & Jack Sparrow defeated Michael Jordan & Robocop Tag Team Match
2 The Green Lantern (champion) defeated Johnny Cage, Nacho and Ryu Hayabusa Four-Way TLC Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
3 Mr. Clean defeated Captain America Money in the Bank Match
4 Robin defeated Batman Singles Match
5 Guile (champion) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki Singles Match for the SCAW Championship
6 Captain America is the winner Match of Destiny
P - indicates the match was in the Preshow

Match Of DestinyEdit

Winner gets an SCAW Championship shot at Spring Showdown 2008

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Eliminations
1 Darth Vader 9 Santa 2
2 Silent Bob 5 Darth Vader 3
3 The Joker 3 Silent Bob 0
4 Two-Face 1 Darth Vader and Silent Bob 0
5 Santa Claus 19 Affleck and Madison 6
6 Sandman 2 Santa 0
7 Jay 4 Silent Bob 0
8 Cyclops 14 Simmons 2
9 Shaquille O'Neal 7 Zod 0
10 Captain America WINNER 7
11 Wolverine 6 Santa 0
12 Zod 8 Captain America 1
13 Kobe Bryant 10 Cyclops 0
14 Freakazoid 12 Captain America 0
15 Mr. T 11 Santa 0
16 The Gladiator 16 Santa and Prince of Persia 1
17 Ghost Rider 13 Captain America and Gladiator 0
18 Gene Simmons 17 Captain America and Affleck 2
19 Prince of Persia 18 Santa 1
20 Milhouse 15 Simmons 0
21 Ben Affleck 20 Madison 2
22 Billy Madison 26 Colossus 3
23 Krusty the Clown 21 Captain America 0
24 Iron Man 28 Captain America 2
25 David Beckham 23 Iron Man and The Thing 1
26 Bart Simpson 22 Beckham 0
27 The Thing 25 Madison 1
28 Spike 24 M. Bison 0
29 M. Bison 29 Captain America 2
30 Colossus 27 Iron Man and M. Bison 1
  • - Iron Man, Mr. T, The Prince of Persia and Spike debuted.