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Dark December 2012
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December 28, 2012


Barclays Center


Brooklyn, NY

Theme Song

"No Surrender" by Taproot


Blood, Sweat & Tears VI


WinterSlam 2013

Dark December 2012 was the sixth CAW wrestling click-per-view event of its name produced by SCAW. It took place on December 28, 2012 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Nine matches were contested, with one in the Preshow. Captain America and Spider-Man wrestled for the SCAW Championship in the main event.



Ryu Hayabusa pinned Dante with a roll up.

Preliminary matchesEdit

The Prince of Persia and Homer Simpson have a confrontation in the ring.

Batman & Robin defeated The Joker, M. Bison & Magneto in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match when Batman pinned Magneto after a Bat Bottom.

The White Ranger pinned Jean-Luc Picard after a to rope Tiger Power Bomb to retain the SCAW Zero-One Championship.

Doctor Doom defeated Optimus Prime with a sleeper hold. Optimus Prime continued his attack afterward.

Guile is seen backstage.

Lara Croft pinned Amy Lee after a Tomb Raider Driver to retain the SCAW Women's Championship.

Anakin pinned Santa Claus after a Death Star Driver.

Superman and Inuyasha came to blows in the ring.

Chuck Norris pinned Ichigo Kurosaki after a Chuck Norris Kick to retain the SCAW Legends Championship.

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced E-Extravaganza 2013 then provoked Kent Brockman to attack him.

King defeated Mr. Clean, Edward Elric and The Gladiator in a Fatal Four-Way Match by pinning Gladiator after a Tek Buster to win the SCAW Internet Championship.

Main eventEdit

Captain America made Spider-Man submit to the Ankle Lock to retain the SCAW Championship. The Prince of Persia and Homer Simpson attacked them and each other.


# Result Stipulation
Preshow Ryu Hayabusa defeated Dante Singles Match
1 Batman & Robin defeated The Joker, M. Bison & Magneto 2-on-3 Handicap Match
2 The White Ranger (c) defeated Jean-Luc Picard Singles Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
3 Doctor Doom defeated Optimus Prime Singles Match
4 Lara Croft (c) defeated Amy Lee Singles Match for the SCAW Women's Championship
5 Anakin defeated Santa Claus Miracle on 34th Street Fight
6 Chuck Norris (c) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki Singles Match for the SCAW Legends Championship
7 King defeated Mr. Clean (c), Edward Elric and The Gladiator Fatal Four-Way Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
8 Captain America (c) defeated Spider-Man Singles Match for the SCAW Championship

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