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Ascendance 2013
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November 19, 2013


Bankers Life Fieldhouse


Indianapolis, IN

Theme Song

"Thrown Away" by VAST


The Great American Smash 2013


Blood, Sweat & Tears VII

Ascendance 2013 was the fifth CAW wrestling click-per-view event of its name produced by SCAW. It took place on November 19, 2013 at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ten matches were contested, with one in the Preshow. Santa Claus, The Prince of Persia and Homer Simpson wrestled in a Triple Threat match for the SCAW Championship at the main event.



Brian Urlacher pinned Yusuke Urameshi after a Chicago Style Jackhammer.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Spider-Man pinned The Green Lantern after a Sunset Flip from the corner to win a 2013 SCAW Tournament quarterfinals match.

Dante pinned King after a running Spear to win a 2013 SCAW Tournament quarterfinals match.

Mr. Clean pinned Inuyasha after hitting him the steel steps to win a 2013 SCAW Tournament quarterfinals match.

Edward Elric pinned Gambit after a Sudden Alchemy to win a 2013 SCAW Tournament quarterfinals match.

Batman and Robin talk backstage.

Abraham Lincoln and Chuck Norris confronted each other in the ring but Arnold Schwarzenegger is attacked backstage.

Spider-Man pinned Dante with a victory roll to win a 2013 SCAW Tournament semifinals match.

Edward Elric made Mr. Clean submit to the Soul Binding to win a 2013 SCAW Tournament quarterfinals match.

Ghost Rider pinned Iron Man after a Ghost Ride to win a Steel Cage Match and retain the SCAW Legends Championship. Red Hood attacked Iron Man.

A promo for the return of Superman was shown.

Santa Claus and Homer Simpson attacked The Gladiator backstage.

Main eventEdit

Edward Elric pinned Spider-Man after a Sudden Alchemy to win the 2013 SCAW Tournament and get an SCAW Championship shot at Blood, Sweat & Tears VII.

Homer Simpson defeated Santa Claus and The Prince of Persia in a Triple Threat Match to win the SCAW Championship. Harry Potter teleported Santa out of the match. Abraham Lincoln took the place of the referee who got hurt. Homer pinned The Prince of Persia after a Springfield Splash.


# Matches Stipulation
Preshow Brian Urlacher defeated Yusuke Urameshi Singles match
1 Spider-Man defeated The Green Lantern 2013 SCAW Tournament Quarterfinals Match
2 Dante defeated King 2013 SCAW Tournament Quarterfinals Match
3 Mr. Clean defeated Inuyasha 2013 SCAW Tournament Quarterfinals Match
4 Edward Elric defeated Gambit 2013 SCAW Tournament Quarterfinals Match
5 Spider-Man defeated Dante 2013 SCAW Tournament Semi-Finals Match
6 Edward Elric defeated Mr. Clean 2013 SCAW Tournament Semi-Finals Match
7 Ghost Rider (c) defeated Iron Man Steel Cage Match for the SCAW Legends Championship
8 Edward Elric defeated Spider-Man 2013 SCAW Tournament Finals Match
9 Homer Simpson defeated Santa Claus (c) and The Prince of Persia Triple Threat Match for the SCAW Championship

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