After Shock 2014
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April 13, 2014


Allstate Arena


Rosemont, IL



Theme Song

"Something New" by Rev Theory


Blood, Sweat & Tears VII


Spring Showdown 2014

After Shock 2014 is the 47th cpv produced by SCAW. It is the first in the chronology. This is the second cpv held at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois on April 13, 2014.

Nine matches took place. Edward Elric and The Prince of Persia wrestled for the SCAW Championship in the main event.




Iron Man and Robin came to blows.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Jean-Luc Picard defeated Jack Sparrow, Doctor Doom, Jin Kazama, and Gambit in a Championship Scramble Match to win the newly created SCAW Hardcore Championship. Picard pinned Jin after the Engage at 1:58.

The Gladiator pinned Inuyasha after the Maximus Decimator. Gladiator gets a shot at the SCAW Internet Championship.

Hellboy pinned Ichigo Kurosaki after the Doomstone Piledriver. Ichigo could have been in the main event if he won.

Chuck Norris pinned Harry Potter after a midair Chuck Norris Kick. Potter set the ring on fire but it was he who got burned.

The Zero-One champion Liu Kang congratulated Picard.

M. Bison didn't like being excluded, so Guile put him in a match against Chicago's own Brian Urlacher! Urlacher pinned Bison after the Chicago Style Jackhammer.

Rayne attacked Avril Lavigne in her interview.

Spider-Man & Homer Simpson defeated LeBron James & Burger King to retain the SCAW Tag Team Championship. Spider-Man pinned Burger King after the Five Star Spider Splash.

The Green Lantern pinned Dante after the Green Light to win the Hell in a Cell Match.

Superman made Ghost Rider submit with the Kryptonian Death Lock to retain the SCAW Legends Championship.

Main eventEdit

Edward Elric pinned The Prince of Persia after the Sudden Alchemy to retain the SCAW Championship.


# Result Stipulation
1 Jean-Luc Picard defeated Jack Sparrow, Doctor Doom, Jin Kazama, and Gambit Scramble Match for the newly created SCAW Hardcore Championship
2 The Gladiator defeated Inuyasha Singles Match
3 Hellboy defeated Ichigo Kurosaki Singles Match. Ichigo can be in the main event if he wins.
4 Chuck Norris defeated Harry Potter Singles Match
5 Brian Urlacher defeated M. Bison Singles Match
6 Spider-Man & Homer Simpson (champions) defeated LeBron James & Burger King Tag Team Match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
7 The Green Lantern defeated Dante Hell in A Cell Match
8 Superman (champion) defeated Ghost Rider Singles Match for the SCAW Legends Championship
9 Edward Elric (champion) defeated The Prince of Persia Singles Match for the SCAW Championship


RC99 - SCAW Aftershock Highlights

RC99 - SCAW Aftershock Highlights