2018 SCAW Tournament
2018 SCAW Tournament


2016 SCAW Tournament


The 2018 SCAW Tournament is a CAW wrestling tournament held by SCAW.

This began on July 29, 2018 after The Great American Smash 2018. The quarterfinals, semifinals and finals will take place at Ascendance 2018. This is to determine a #1 contender for the SCAW Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears X.

This event also marks the debut of Aquaman, Archie Andrews, BoJack Horseman, Lupin III and the Choose the Superstar winner Darth Maul.



First Round

Hellboy pinned Homer Simpson after the Brimstone Piledriver. This is the first SCAW match of the WWE2K18 era.

Tommy Vercetti pinned Ghost Rider after the Dirt Nap. 

Aquaman pinned Kazuma Kuwabara after a Diving Elbow Drop.

Archie Andrews pinned Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo after the Archie Andrews Adjustment. BoJack Horseman distracted Bobobo.

The Prince of Persia pinned Lupin III after the Greetings from Persia.

Deadpool pinned Albert Wesker after the Money Shot to retain the SCAW Internet Championship.

King pinned Jack Sparrow after the Mexican Death Drop.

Darth Maul pinned Cole MacGrath after the Wrath of Maul. SCAW released Cole soon after.

Ryu Hayabusa made Robin submit with the Hayabusa Stretch.

Shazam pinned Mr. Clean after the Glorious-ity. Mr. Clean attacked Shazam afterward.

Solid Snake defeated Anakin by disqualification after Anakin hit him with a steel chair. Anakin then gave Snake a Death Star Driver on the concrete.

Kenshin Himura made Gambit submit with the Himura Lock to retain the SCAW Zero-One Championship.

Casey Jones pinned Red Hood after the Goongala Driver.

Jin Kazama pinned Doctor Strange after the Kaz Kick.

William Wallace made Yusuke Urameshi submit with the Sharpshooter.

Iron Man pinned Angry Video Game Nerd after 2 Steamrollers.

Second Round

Tommy Vercetti pinned Solid Snake after ramming Snake into an exposed turnbuckle. Vercetti hit Snake with the Dirt Nap on the concrete afterwards.

Hellboy defeated Darth Maul via Countout after Hellboy chokeslams Darth Maul through the commentary table.

King pinned Archie (with BoJack Horseman) after the Mexican Death Drop. Archie and BoJack are part of a faction called "BoJack's Horsemen".

Shazam pinned Aquaman after the Glorious-ity.

William Wallace made Casey Jones submit with the Sharpshooter.

Ryu Hayabusa pinned Kenshin Himura after a springboard splash.

The Prince of Persia pinned Iron Man after the Greetings from Persia.

Deadpool pinned Jin Kazama after the Money Shot


# Date Location Results
First Round
1 July 29 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hellboy defeated Homer Simpson
2 July 29 Providence, Rhode island Tommy Vercetti defeated Ghost Rider
3 July 30 San Diego, California Aquaman defeated Kazuma Kuwabara
4 July 30 Memphis, Tennessee Archie Andrews defeated Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
5 July 31 Providence, Rhode island The Prince of Persia defeated Lupin III
6 July 31 San Diego, California SCAW Internet Championship - Deadpool (champion) defeated Albert Wesker
7 August 2 Memphis, Tennessee King defeated Jack Sparrow
8 August 2 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Darth Maul defeated Cole MacGrath
9 August 6 Memphis, Tennessee Ryu Hayabusa defeated Robin
10 August 6 San Diego, California Shazam defeated Mr. Clean
11 August 7 Providence, Rhode island Solid Snake defeated Anakin by disqualification
12 August 7 Memphis, Tennessee SCAW Zero-One Championship - Kenshin Himura (champion) defeated Gambit
13 August 7 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Casey Jones defeated Red Hood
14 August 10 San Diego, California Jin Kazama defeated Doctor Strange
15 August 11 Milwaukee, Wisconsin William Wallace defeated Yusuke Urameshi
16 August 12 Providence, Rhode island Iron Man defeated Angry Video Game Nerd
Second Round
17 August 20 Albany, New York Tommy Vercetti defeated Solid Snake
18 August 20 Reno, Nevada Hellboy defeated Darth Maul via Countout
19 August 21 Albany, New York King defeated Archie Andrews (with BoJack Horseman)
20 August 21 Reno, Nevada Shazam defeated Aquaman
21 August 26 Albany, New York William Wallace defeated Casey Jones
22 August 26 Albany, New York Ryu Hayabusa defeated Kenshin Himura
23 August 26 Reno, Nevada The Prince of Persia defeated Iron Man
24 August 27 Reno, Nevada Deadpool defeated Jin Kazama
Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals
25 Charlotte, North Carolina Tommy Vercetti vs. Deadpool
26 Charlotte, North Carolina Hellboy vs. Shazam
27 Charlotte, North Carolina King vs. Ryu Hayabusa
28 Charlotte, North Carolina William Wallace vs. The Prince of Persia
29 Charlotte, North Carolina
30 Charlotte, North Carolina
31 Charlotte, North Carolina