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2016 SCAW Tournament
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2015 SCAW Tournament


The 2016 SCAW Tournament is a CAW wrestling tournament held by SCAW.

This tournament began after Summer Brawl 2016. Thor won at Ascendance 2016 to become #1 contender for the SCAW Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears IX.


Round 1

# Date Results
1 August 15 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Anakin
2 August 16 Yusuke Urameshi defeated He-Man
3 August 16 Mr. Clean defeated Casey Jones by disqualification
4 August 17 King defeated Michael Myers
5 August 17 Tommy Vercetti defeated Optimus Prime
6 August 18 The Joker defeated Jack Sparrow
7 August 18 Ghost Rider defeated Brian Urlacher by count out
8 August 20 SCAW Internet Championship - Solid Snake defeated Dante (c)
9 August 22 Drax the Destroyer defeated Doctor Doom
10 August 22 Cole MacGrath defeated Magneto
11 August 23 Angry Video Game Nerd defeated Piccolo
12 August 24 The Gladiator defeated Harry Potter
13 August 24 Thor defeated Red Hood
14 August 27 Liu Kang vs. The Prince of Persia was a draw
15 August 27 Deadpool defeated Duke Nukem
16 August 27 SCAW Zero-One Championship - Jin Kazama (c) defeated Jean-Luc Picard
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
  • 3 - Casey hit Mr. Clean with a steel chair. Jack Sparrow attacked Casey but Liu Kang came in for the save.
  • 7 - Urlacher attacked Ghost Rider after the match and Jackhammered him through the announce table.
  • 14 - The match ended in double countout and allowed The Joker a bye to the quarterfinals. Prince of Persia was about to hit multiple chair shots to Liu Kang but Casey Jones came in for the save.

Round 2

# Date Results
17 September 19 Angry Video Game Nerd defeated Mr. Clean
18 September 20 Jin Kazama defeated Cole MacGrath
19 September 20 Tommy Vercetti defeated Deadpool
20 September 24 King defeated The Gladiator
21 September 24 Ghost Rider defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
22 September 24 Solid Snake defeated Yusuke Urameshi
23 September 26 Thor defeated Drax the Destroyer
  • 21 - Anakin distracted Ichigo.

Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals

# Date Results
24 October 9 Thor defeated Ghost Rider
25 October 9 Tommy Vercetti defeated Angry Video Game Nerd
26 October 9 The Joker defeated King
27 October 9 Solid Snake defeated Jin Kazama
28 October 9 Thor defeated Tommy Vercetti
29 October 9 The Joker defeated Solid Snake
30 October 9 Thor defeated The Joker
  • 27 - This match ended after only under a minute. Jin assaulted Snake due to his frustrating loss.

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