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Ep. Date Matches Stipulations
36 January 16 Jin Kazama defeated Liu Kang (c) Singles Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
37 January 27 Melinda May (with Jill Valentine) defeated Avril Lavigne Singles Match
38 February 9 Iron Man & Thor defeated Jack Sparrow & Mr. Clean Tag Team Match
39 May 2 Iron Man defeated Harry Potter Singles Match
40 May 12 King (c) defeated Jin Kazama Singles Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship
41 May 22 Jack Sparrow, Mr. Clean & Ghost Rider defeated Thor, He-Man & Optimus Prime Six Man Tag Team Match
42 May 30 Liu Kang defeated Yusuke Urameshi Singles Match
43 June 18 Jean-Luc Picard defeated Piccolo Singles Match
44 July 20 Jean-Luc Picard & Kazuma Kuwabara defeated Piccolo & Yusuke Urameshi Tag Team Match
45 July 29 Captain Marvel defeated Duke Nukem Singles Match
46 August 15 Chun-Li defeated Melinda May Singles Match
47 September 9 Yusuke Urameshi defeated Kazuma Kuwabara Singles Match
48 September 21 Albert Wesker defeated Solid Snake Singles Match
49 October 1 Amy Lee defeated Rayne Singles Match
50 December 17 Hellboy (SCAW Champion) defeated Ghost Rider Non Title Singles Match
51 December 27 Amy Lee defeated Melinda May Singles Match
  • 39 - Albert Wesker attacked Iron Man.
  • 49 - Rayne continued attacking Amy after the match.

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