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Ep. Date Matches Stipulations
13 January 13 Ivan Drago defeated Jin Kazama Singles Match
14 March 7 Albert Wesker defeated The White Ranger Singles Match
15 March 15 LeBron James & Burger King defeated Jin Kazama & Kazuma Kuwabara Tag Team Match
16 March 29 Jean-Luc Picard defeated Yusuke Urameshi Hardcore Match
17 April 11 Gambit defeated The White Ranger Singles Match
18 April 29 Optimus Prime defeated Kuwabara Singles Match
19 May 7 Edward Elric (SCAW Champion) defeated Ichigo Kurosaki Non Title Singles Match
20 May 17 Doctor Doom (c) defeated Jean-Luc Picard Hardcore Match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship
21 May 28 Optimus Prime & Liu Kang defeated Magneto & M. Bison Tag Team Match
22 June 25 Captain Marvel defeated He-Man No Disqualification Match
23 July 9 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Jean-Luc Picard Singles Match
24 July 17 King (c) defeated Robin (with Red Hood) Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
25 August 6 Edward Elric & The Green Lantern defeated Magneto & M. Bison Tag Team Match
26 August 29 Thor (c) defeated Doctor Doom and Jean-Luc Picard Triple Threat Match for the SCAW Hardcore Championship
27 September 11 He-Man & Optimus Prime defeated Magneto & M. Bison Tag Team Match
28 September 24 Brian Urlacher defeated Jean-Luc Picard Singles Match
29 October 16 Gambit defeated The White Ranger Singles Match
30 October 24 He-Man defeated Captain Marvel (c) by disqualification Singles Match for the SCAW Internet Championship
31 October 31 Mr. Clean & Jack Sparrow defeated Liu Kang & Jin Kazama Tag Team Match
32 November 8 Ichigo Kurosaki & Albert Wesker defeated Optimus Prime & He-Man Tag Team Match
33 November 30 Liu Kang & Superman defeated Doctor Doom & Magneto Tag Team Match
34 December 15 Ichigo Kurosaki, Albert Wesker & The Gladiator defeated Optimus Prime, He-Man & Robin Six Man Tag Team Match
35 December 25 Captain Marvel (Internet Champion) defeated Jin Kazama Non Title Singles Match
  • 13 - This was the last Action on SVR06.
  • 16 - The SCAW Hardcore Championship will be created at After Shock 2014.
  • 30 - King attacked Marvel.
  • 32 - The original match was Optimus Prime vs. Ichigo Kurosaki, but ended in double countout. Both individuals continue to brawl in the ring until Albert Wesker ran into the ring and attack Prime with Ichigo until He-Man enter the ring. Then Guile came out and made an impromtu tag team match between the four individuals.
  • 34 - This is the first SCAW Action episode that aired overseas, in the UK.

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