2013 SCAW Tournament
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The 2013 SCAW Tournament was a CAW wrestling tournament that was held by SCAW.

This tournament began after The Great American Smash 2013. Edward Elric won at Ascendance 2013 to become #1 contender for the SCAW Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears VII.



First RoundEdit

King pinned Jack Sparrow after countering the Captain's Hook into the Tek Buster.

Spider-Man pinned Ivan Drago with a hurricanrana.

Edward Elric pinned LeBron James after the Sudden Alchemy.

Hellboy pinned The Gladiator after the Doomstone piledriver. Hellboy returned after a year hiatus.

The Green Lantern pinned Batman after 3 Green Lights.

The White Ranger pinned Jin Kazama with the Tigercanrana. This is Jin's first match since Day of Destiny 2012.

Mr. Clean pinned Freakazoid after the Clean Cut.

Inuyasha defeated M. Bison by count out to retain the SCAW Internet Championship.

Dante pinned Magneto after a spear to retain the SCAW Zero-One Championship.

Silent Bob pinned Jay with a small package.

Albert Wesker was disqualified against Liu Kang for hitting the referee. This is Wesker's debut.

Burger King pinned Captain Marvel after blocking the Marvelocity with his knees.

Optimus Prime was disqualified against Doctor Doom for hitting the referee.

Gambit pinned Red Hood after the Dealer's Hand.

Hellboy called out Anakin but is confronted by his opponent Piccolo. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was absent and called Robin as the replacement. Robin pinned Piccolo after the Titan Tower.

Thor pinned Kazuma Kuwabara after the Mjolnir.

Second RoundEdit

Hellboy was disqualified after Anakin attacked Inuyasha.

King pinned Doctor Doom with a roll up. Doctor Doom continued his attack afterward.

Spider-Man pinned Burger King with a victory roll.

Mr. Clean pinned Liu Kang with a schoolboy.

Edward Elric pinned Thor after the Sudden Alchemy.

Dante pinned Silent Bob after a running spear. This match was only 8 seconds long.

A promo for the return of Superman was shown.

The Green Lantern pinned Robin after a superkick.

Gambit pinned The White Ranger after the Dealer's Hand.

Quarterfinals, semifinals, and finalsEdit

Spider-Man pinned The Green Lantern after a Sunset Flip from the corner.

Dante pinned King after a running Spear.

Mr. Clean pinned Inuyasha after hitting him with the steel steps.

Edward Elric pinned Gambit after the Sudden Alchemy.

Spider-Man pinned Dante with a victory roll.

Edward Elric made Mr. Clean submit to the Soul Binding.

Edward Elric pinned Spider-Man after the Sudden Alchemy


# Date Results
First round
1 October 7 King defeated Jack Sparrow
2 October 7 Spider-Man defeated Ivan Drago
3 October 7 Edward Elric defeated LeBron James
4 October 9 Hellboy defeated The Gladiator
5 October 9 The Green Lantern defeated Batman
6 October 10 The White Ranger defeated Jin Kazama
7 October 10 Mr. Clean defeated Freakazoid
8 October 12 SCAW Internet Championship - Inuyasha (c) defeated M. Bison by count out
9 October 12 SCAW Zero-One Championship - Dante (c) defeated Magneto
10 October 14 Silent Bob defeated Jay
11 October 14 Liu Kang defeated Albert Wesker by disqualification
12 October 16 Burger King defeated Captain Marvel
13 October 16 Doctor Doom defeated Optimus Prime by disqualification
14 October 16 Gambit defeated Red Hood
15 October 20 Robin defeated Piccolo
16 October 20 Thor defeated Kazuma Kuwabara
(c) – refers to the champion heading into the match
Second round
17 November 4 Inuyasha defeated Hellboy by disqualification
18 November 4 King defeated Doctor Doom
19 November 6 Spider-Man defeated Burger King
20 November 6 Mr. Clean defeated Liu Kang
21 November 9 Edward Elric defeated Thor
22 November 9 Dante defeated Silent Bob
23 November 10 The Green Lantern defeated Robin
24 November 11 Gambit defeated The White Ranger
Quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals
25 November 19 Spider-Man defeated The Green Lantern
26 November 19 Dante defeated King
27 November 19 Mr. Clean defeated Inuyasha
28 November 19 Edward Elric defeated Gambit
29 November 19 Spider-Man defeated Dante
30 November 19 Edward Elric defeated Mr. Clean
31 November 19 Edward Elric defeated Spider-Man