2011 SCAW Tournament
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The 2011 SCAW Tournament was a CAW wrestling tournament that was held by SCAW.

This tournament began after The Great American Smash 2011. Anakin won at Ascendance 2011 to become #1 contender for the SCAW Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears V.



First RoundEdit

Spider-Man pinned Inuyasha after the Five Star Spider Splash.

Ichigo Kurosaki (with Yusuke Urameshi) defeated Homer Simpson by count out.

Kent Brockman interviewed the SCAW champion Guile.

Dante pinned Hellboy after the Execution.

Captain Marvel pinned George W. Bush after the Shazam Splash to retain the SCAW Internet Championship.

Piccolo pinned Santa Claus after the Power Leveller.

Jean-Luc Picard pinned Ryu Hayabusa after the Engage.

Kent interviewed Ghost Rider.

The Gladiator pinned The Prince of Persia after the Maximus Decimator.

Lance Burton pinned Optimus Prime after the Grand Finale.

Edward Elric (with Kazuma Kuwabara) made Kobe Bryant submit to the Soul Binding.

The White Ranger was disqualified for hitting Jack Sparrow with the SCAW Zero-One Championship belt. Mr. Clean attacked White Ranger.

The Joker defeated He-Man by count out.

Kent interviewed Abraham Lincoln.

Anakin pinned Harry Potter after the Death Star Driver.

Robin made Sub-Zero submit to the crossface.

Mr. Clean was disqualified for hitting Doctor Doom and the interrupting White Ranger with a steel chair.

M. Bison pinned Mick Thomson after the Jackhammer.

Iron Man pinned War Machine after 3 Steamrollers.

Second RoundEdit

Spider-Man pinned M. Bison with a victory roll.

Anakin pinned Piccolo after the Death Star Driver.

Doctor Doom (with Optimus Prime) pinned Jean-Luc Picard after 2 Doctor Doom Bombs.

Robin was disqualified after Superman attacked The Gladiator. The Green Lantern attacked Superman, in turn.

Edward Elric pinned Lance Burton after the Sudden Alchemy. Harry Potter distracted Burton.

The Joker pinned Captain Marvel after the Why So Serious.

Ichigo pinned Jack Sparrow after the Bankai.

Iron Man pinned Dante after the Steamroller.

Quarterfinals, semifinals, and finalsEdit

Ichigo pinned The Gladiator after the Bankai. Optimus Prime attacked The Gladiator.

Anakin pinned Edward Elric after the Death Star Driver.

Iron Man pinned Doctor Doom after the Steam Roller. The Gladiator attacked Doctor Doom.

The Joker pinned Spider-Man after the Why So Serious. A "classic" Joker distracted Spider-Man.

Anakin pinned Ichigo after the Death Star Driver.

The Joker pinned Iron Man a with a schoolboy.

Anakin pinned The Joker after the Death Star Driver.


# Date Results
First Round
1 July 24 Spider-Man defeated Inuyasha
2 July 24 Ichigo Kurosaki (with Yusuke Urameshi) defeated Homer Simpson by count out
3 July 25 Dante defeated Hellboy
4 July 26 SCAW Internet Championship - Captain Marvel (champion) defeated George W. Bush
5 July 27 Piccolo defeated Santa Claus
6 July 29 Jean-Luc Picard defeated Ryu Hayabusa
7 July 30 The Gladiator defeated The Prince of Persia
8 July 30 Lance Burton defeated Optimus Prime
9 August 1 Edward Elric (with Kazuma Kuwabara) defeated Kobe Bryant
10 August 1 SCAW Zero-One Championship - Jack Sparrow defeated The White Ranger (champion) by disqualification
11 August 2 The Joker defeated He-Man by count out
12 August 3 Anakin defeated Harry Potter
13 August 4 Robin defeated Sub-Zero
14 August 4 Doctor Doom defeated Mr. Clean by disqualification
15 August 7 M. Bison defeated Mick Thomson
16 August 7 Iron Man defeated War Machine
Second Round
17 August 22 Spider-Man defeated M. Bison
18 August 23 Anakin defeated Piccolo
19 August 26 Doctor Doom (with Optimus Prime) defeated Jean-Luc Picard
20 August 27 The Gladiator defeated Robin by disqualification
21 August 28 Edward Elric defeated Lance Burton
22 August 28 The Joker defeated Captain Marvel
23 August 30 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Jack Sparrow
24 August 31 Iron Man defeated Dante
Quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals
25 September 7 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated The Gladiator
26 September 7 Anakin defeated Edward Elric
27 September 7 Iron Man defeated Doctor Doom
28 September 7 The Joker defeated Spider-Man
29 September 7 Anakin defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
30 September 7 The Joker defeated Iron Man
31 September 7 Anakin defeated The Joker