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The 2009 SCAW Tournament was a CAW wrestling tournament that was held by SCAW.

This tournament began after Spring Showdown 2009. Inuyasha won at No Guts No Glory 2009 to become #1 contender for the SCAW Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears III.


First RoundEdit

Spider-Man pinned Mr. Clean after the Five Star Spider Slash. The NWO was officially disbanded.

Iron Man pinned Zod after 3 Steamrollers to retain the SCAW Internet Championship.

M. Bison pinned Optimus Prime after the Jackhammer.

Ghost Rider pinned The Thing after the Ghost Ride.

Inuyasha pinned Spock after the Full Fledged Demon Bomb.

Yusuke Urameshi (with Kazuma Kuwabara) pinned Vin Diesel (with Ice Cube) with a small package.

Santa Claus made Freakazoid submit to the Santa's Sleigh.

Max Payne made Nacho submit to a headlock.

Billy Madison defeated Ivan Drago by disqualification. Drago won but his excessive violence got him DQ'd.

David Beckham made Ryu Hayabusa submit to the Bend It Like Beckham.

Guile pinned Captain America after the Super Sonic Boom.

Shaquille O'Neal pinned Thor after the Shaqknife powerbomb.

The Green Lantern pinned The Prince of Persia after the Green Light to win his second SCAW Zero-One Championship. Abraham Lincoln attacked The Prince.

The Gladiator pinned The White Ranger after the Maximus Decimator.

New Joker defeated Classic Joker by count out

Hellboy pinned Rhino after the Doomstone Piledriver.

Second RoundEdit

Guile pinned Max Payne after the American Slam.

Hellboy pinned Yusuke Urameshi after the Doomstone Piledriver.

Inuyasha pinned The Joker after the Full Fledged Demon Bomb.

Ghost Rider pinned David Beckham after the Ghost Ride.

The Green Lantern was disqualified after The Prince of Persia attacked Iron Man.

Santa Claus pinned Shaquille O'Neal after the F-Yule.

Spider-Man pinned The Gladiator after the Five Star Spider Splash.

Ichigo Kurosaki informs M. Bison that he defeated Billy Madison by forfeit. Homer Simpson & the SCAW champion Superman confronted them and it turned into a tag team match.

Unscheduled matchesEdit

Homer Simpson & Superman defeated M. Bison & Ichigo Kurosaki in a tag team match. Superman pinned Bison after the S-5.

George W. Bush made Homer and Superman wrestle each other. Superman and Homer wrestled to a double count out.

Quarterfinals, semifinals, and finalsEdit

Spider-Man pinned Guile after the Five Star Spider Splash.

Hellboy pinned M. Bison after the Doomstone piledriver.

Inuyasha pinned Iron Man with a small package.

Ghost Rider pinned Santa Claus with a schoolboy. This match was only 25 seconds. Santa continued his attack afterward.

Spider-Man pinned Hellboy after the Five Star Spider Splash.

Inuyasha pinned Ghost Rider after the Full Fledged Demon Bomb.

Inuyasha pinned Spider-Man after the Full Fledged Demon Bomb. Spider-Man wrestled in his classic costume.


# Date Results
First Round
1 Spider-Man defeated Mr. Clean
2 SCAW Internet Championship - Iron Man (champion) defeated Zod
3 M. Bison defeated Optimus Prime
4 Ghost Rider defeated The Thing
5 Inuyasha defeated Spock
6 Yusuke Urameshi (with Kazuma Kuwabara) defeated Vin Diesel (with Ice Cube)
7 Santa Claus defeated Freakazoid
8 Max Payne defeated Nacho
9 Billy Madison defeated Ivan Drago by disqualification
10 David Beckham defeated Ryu Hayabusa
11 Guile defeated Captain America
12 Shaquille O'Neal defeated Thor
13 June 16 SCAW Zero-One Championship - The Green Lantern defeated The Prince of Persia (champion)
14 The Gladiator defeated The White Ranger
15 New Joker defeated Classic Joker by count out
16 Hellboy defeated Rhino
Second Round
17 Guile defeated Max Payne
18 Hellboy defeated Yusuke Urameshi
19 Inuyasha defeated The Joker
20 Ghost Rider defeated David Beckham
21 Iron Man defeated The Green Lantern by disqualification
22 Santa Claus defeated Shaquille O'Neal
23 Spider-Man defeated The Gladiator
24 M. Bison defeated Billy Madison by forfeit
Quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals
25 July 19 Spider-Man defeated Guile
26 July 19 Hellboy defeated M. Bison
27 July 19 Inuyasha defeated Iron Man
28 July 19 Ghost Rider defeated Santa Claus
29 July 19 Spider-Man defeated Hellboy
30 July 19 Inuyasha defeated Ghost Rider
31 July 19 Inuyasha defeated Spider-Man

Unscheduled matchesEdit

# Results Stipulations
1 Homer Simpson & Superman defeated M. Bison & Ichigo Kurosaki Tag Team match
2 Superman (SCAW Champion) vs. Homer Simpson was a draw Non-Title Singles match