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2008 SCAW Tournament


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The 2008 SCAW Tournament was a CAW wrestling tournament that was held by SCAW.

Homer Simpson won at No Guts No Glory 2008 to become #1 contender for the SCAW Championship at Blood, Sweat & Tears II.

# Date Results
Round 1
1 Inuyasha defeated M. Bison
2 Batman defeated Robin
3 Optimus Prime defeated Thor
4 The Gladiator defeated Billy Madison
5 David Beckham defeated Nacho
6 May 30 The Joker defeated Ghost Rider (c) to win the SCAW Internet Championship
7 Mr. Clean defeated Michael Myers
8 Darth Vader defeated Colossus
9 The Green Lantern (c) defeated Ryu Hayabusa to retain the SCAW Zero-One Championship
10 Santa Claus defeated Robocop
11 The Thing defeated Sandman by disqualification
12 Homer Simpson defeated Ben Affleck
13 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Wolverine
14 Shaquille O'Neal defeated Dennis Rodman
15 The Prince of Persia defeated Silent Bob
16 Iron Man defeated Gene Simmons
Round 2
17 Batman defeated Santa Claus
18 Mr. Clean defeated The Thing
19 Inuyasha defeated The Prince of Persia
20 The Green Lantern defeated David Beckham
21 Iron Man defeated The Joker
22 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Optimus Prime
23 Darth Vader defeated Shaquille O'Neal
24 Homer Simpson defeated The Gladiator
25 July 16 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Inuyasha
26 July 16 The Green Lantern defeated Mr. Clean
27 July 16 Homer Simpson defeated Batman
28 July 16 Iron Man defeated Darth Vader
29 July 16 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated The Green Lantern
30 July 16 Homer Simpson defeated Iron Man
31 July 16 Homer Simpson defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
  • 1 - Inuyasha made his return after being buried alive at Dark December 2007
  • 7 - Myers laid down
  • 11 - Rhino attacked Thing.
  • 18 - Michael Myers attacked The Thing.
  • 19 - M. Bison attacked Inuyasha.


  • Debuts for Dennis Rodman, Optimus Prime, Rhino and Thor

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